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What is next ????

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Budget and HCL. Budget was submitted to M but needs an official vote from seated GOI. HCL as well. Not necc in that order. Theres also the Kuwait issue hanging out there but I would bet the UN has been helping to resolve that issue behind the scenes as its the only really big external issue they have left to deal with. The HCL and budget are internal issues that only the GOI can resolve. Just my 2 cents.

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They are clearly working on it. iraq still has to pay reparations. Like I said, I suspect this issue has been agreed to in principle, just my gut telling me that as the UN and other countries have a way of imposing their will on a country to get something like this done and put to bed.

What worries me more, only in terms of a delay is the other 2 issues, HCL and budget. In order for these to get resolved, we really need the GOI to get along and be buddies, history shows that could be a stretch. I would guess they are getting some international guidance but no outside source can really force these. We are really depending on them to show some love to each other. Again, thats just my opinion.

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