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Allawi retire from politics

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Allawi retire from politics and devote himself to writing his memoirs

Friday 26/11/2010

Aware of the source location of a senior Kurdish source in Irbil that Dr. Ayad Allawi, Iraq's Prime Minister and former leader of the Iraqi List, the former undergoing a psychological crisis resulted because of the inability of Iraq to take advantage of the election results and the inability of Iraq to form any alliance with any other cluster.

The source added that the disintegration of the Iraqi List to other lists another reason Dr. Allawi to enter this spiritual crisis.

The source also confirmed for the informed source said Dr. Allawi left Iraq to London without telling one, adding that Dr. Allawi's intention to retire from politics and devote themselves to writing his memoirs in the British capital London, where his family live.

It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi political circles now is the idea of trading and the need to declare the disintegration of the Iraqi List, the Iraqi List, where she finished the election with 91 seats, but did not vote for the proposal in the Iraqi parliament session for the installation of Talabani is 57 which means that the number of Iraqi MPs decreased to 57 deputies.

As is reported that the conflict on the position of vice president reached its peak between Messrs. Hashemi and al-Mutlaq, which paves the way for a new split.

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This is a true story as I spotted him in the bank of England with the biggest pile of IQD I have ever seen.

I asked him what rate & date was, he then grabbed his cell from his pocket & rang his source.

At the end of the call he said to me

“تيتب بىبى بسىيى يتبىي شتثىيب يتستست خضصتشن ييسيتيثنم صهنش بقشس شتتننحح بلش\تثه

لارةئستثىبىيىشىششىششىى فثققغن $٨ز٧٥”

Translation “Terryk my mate said it will be sometime this millennium @ $8.75”

I think he was there cashing in his IQD or he may have been paying it in to Ali`s account :lol:

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