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RV-O-Meter Update

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I saw this latest post on the currency newshound site. I didn't see this update anywhere in the forums, and it summarizes where we are as of this weekend pretty well, I think...


The Web’s Only RV-O-Meter

By Justhopin 63

The web’s only RV-O-Meter will gauge the progress of the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar as news, information, and intel is made available.



Condition is in a high-grade warning to “Prepare for Cash In” on the RV-O-Meter as of October 1, 2010.

As of October 1, 2010 the RV-O-Meter will remain unchanged at a high-grade warning to Prepare for Cash-In.

Over the past week we have seen more and more of this political tennis match heat up…perhaps a soccer match would be the best analogy. Two teams, lots of players all trying to achieve their goal. Unfortunately, as spectators, we get caught up in this political game. It was announced that Iraq set a world record yesterday by not having a government…that is something the politicians can pat themselves on the back for while the world along with their own people wait for them to mature.

On September 27th it was announced that Maliki had won the candidacy for the National Alliance…that may have been an over zealous media outlet. But today several media outlets including AK news, Wasat Online, Bloomberg, and Reuters all have announced Maliki as being nominated by the National Alliance. It would appear the Sadrist and the State of Law came together at a meeting and decided on Maliki over Mahdi as their man. The Supreme Islamic Council (ISCI) did not attend the meeting and while it is unknown how they would have voted it was reported they would not have voted for Maliki. The absence of Supreme Islamic Council from the meeting will not hinder Maliki’s ascension as the sole nominee, as so appears. An official announcement from the National Alliance is anticipated soon.

It should be noted that it is rumored Maliki offered Sadr some key positions within the new government which could really stir the pot in Iraq as well as in the White House. Read a TIME article as well as this Washington Post article that explains the Maliki delemna. It is possible that Maliki and his greedy ways may have complicated things a bit.

So assuming Maliki now is the nominee for the National Alliance…now what? According to a statement made by Talabani on the 27th of September we should expect the National Alliance/National Coalition nominee as the new PM…we shall see.

That is a good question as many things can occur. Initially I think we will see a strong motion to reconvene parliament in the next week (LINK 1 LINK 2) in order to resolve the issue of the government. Negotiations will take place to carefully recognize an inclusive government representing each faction. Once this occurs I believe we are in the final stretch of this very long horse race.

Outside of the political elections there is still forward movement in trying to release Iraq from Chapter VII. It was reported this week that an International Coordinator will visit Iraq to discuss the matter involving missing Kuwaiti’s, prisoners, and compensation to be paid – A report is due in December at the United Nations. Talabani reaffirmed his statement that he anticipated Iraq to be released from Chapter VII this year. And the Paris Club debt is attempting to be resolved. The Kuwait Minister of Foreign Affair’s said this week that all outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait would be resolved with the formation of an Iraqi Government. So like last week…Chapter VII issues are quickly being resolved (hmm just in time from a formation of government?)

Also this week a few articles were published about the Dinar itself. The first article indicated that economist anticipated the Dinar to rise against the Dollar next year. Well…we could have told them this bit of news long ago.

The coming days will tell us a lot I assume. But with the National Alliance choosing an official nominee it would appear we are on the road to resolution. This is strictly based upon news articles – no “intel”, no rumors, or rumors of rumors just the information we are privy to each day. And today we took a big step forward.

Considering this information I see no reason to change the current status of the RV-O-Meter. The RV-O-Meter will remain at a high-grade warning to Prepare for Cash In – this is the highest level before actually reaching “Cash In” status. This simply means that the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar appears to be within weeks if not days and therefore you should have all affairs in order for when this day occurs. The RV-O-Meter is updated typically once a week. If the situation arises a brief update will be posted.

Many of you have asked What does Prepare for Cash In mean?…so I have added a new page explaining my thoughts on how to prepare for that special day.

Like always I will caveat this by saying that we are dealing with Iraq and anything can happen that can cause delay (as we have witnessed so many times before). While I do not foresee anything delaying this forward movement at this time I reserve the right to downgrade the RV-O-Meter as needed.

We will soon have a pocket full of blessings, Thank you


p.s. I want to say thank you to all of the followers of Currency Newshound / IQD News. I appreciate the thousands of visits received each day on this site, Twitter, and on Facebook. I know we all are in search of this RV…together we will find it.

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