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Dinar Banker - Cash In Guidelines


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Sorry if this has been posted by someone else already, but I received this e-mail last night. The main differences I see between Dinar Banker (Ty Rhame) and Dinar Trade (Ali) are that Dinar Banker (below) is willing to send out multiple wire transfers instead of just one. It also doesn't say anything about locking a rate and we all know that Ali promotes locking a rate, but if the rate happens to go up from the time you set the appt to the time you get there, you're stuck with the original rate you locked. I've e-mailed Dinar Banker directly to ask questions in the past and they have always been helpful. Hopes this helps someone...


Exchanging Your Iraqi Dinar - Locations, Rates and Fees‏


From: (

Sent: Fri 10/01/10 8:18 PM

Information on Exchanging Your Iraqi Dinar

In the event of a revaluation, customers will be given priority for appointments and exchanges. We will actually be exchanging close to "at cost" for our customers. This means our exchange rate will be based off the revaluation rate set by the Central Bank of Iraq. Any additional fees would be to cover the cost of transporting and insuring the shipment of the currency back to the CBI. Because of our high capitalization and logistical expertise, we plan on beating any rate in the country.

Our main goal after a revaluation of any size is to enable our customers exchange their Dinar as efficiently as possible.

There will be no minimums for exchange and no maximum wire limits. You will be able to transfer money to multiple accounts and do not need any notarized documentation to do so. Because of our significant holdings as partially seen in our online videos, we are - and always will be - capitalized to meet any funding demands.

Exchanging Dinar for Gold or Silver

You will be able to exchange your Dinar for gold, silver, or other precious metals. To avoid unnecessary bank transfers, we will wire your funds directly to an account set up in your name at Monex Precious Metals, a respected deposit company. You can then purchase certificates physical metal and have it shipped anywhere in the country. Learn more about Monex here.

Convenient Exchange Locations in the U.S. and Canada

Dinar Banker will set up secure remote satellite offices at numerous airport locations nationwide within 24 hours in the event of a revaluation. To make an appointment you, can simply call 1-888-346-2771 or e-mail your information to We have a long history of transporting and securing currency all over the world through their global operations and are prepared for any exchange needs.

Updated exchange locations in the event of an RV include:

City, State - Airport Code - Airport

New York, NY - JFK – John F. Kennedy International Airport

Boston, MA - BOS – Logan International Airport

Atlanta, GA – ATL – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Tampa, FL – TPA – Tampa International Airport

Miami, FL - MIA – Miami International Airport

Denver, CO - DEN – Denver International Airport

Los Angeles, CA – LAX – Los Angeles International Airport

San Francisco, CA - SFO – San Francisco International Airport

Seattle, WA - SEA – Sea-Tac Airport

Chicago, IL - ORD – Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX - DFW – Dallas Fort/Worth International Airport

Houston, TX - IAH – George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Detroit, MI - DTW – Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Phoenix, AZ – PHX – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Cincinnati, OH - CVG – Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport

Washington, DC – DCA – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Washington, DC - IAD – Dulles International Airport

Salt Lake City, UT - SLC – Salt Lake City International Airport

Vancouver, Canada - CYVR – Vancouver International Airport

Toronto, Canada – CYYZ – Toronto Pearson International Airport

Las Vegas, NV – Office Location

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Office Location

We are prepared to set up additional locations in several cities if requested.

Customers will be able to make an appointment and discreetly bring in their Dinar into the secure location. Payment methods include wire transfer, check, gold certificates, other precious metal and coin certificates, or physically delivered gold and precious medals in various forms including bullion, Gold Eagle and other coins, and certificate. You can also have your Dinar converted to other currencies such as the Euro.


E-mail us at or call 1-888-346-2771 for more information on buying, selling, and exchanging Iraqi Dinar in the event of a revaluation.

The team values your feedback. For any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our service, call or e-mail us today.

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WELCOME!! This is "Old news" only because they had also sent out this info on Sept 7th, but at that time they only had 9 locations listed. Now they have 22!! I don't know about everyone else, but yesterday I needed a little boost. The fact that they've designated 13 more locations to cash in, and that they've done it in less than a month, is positive news to me. I was loving it.

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Can we exchange there if we are not a customer? What is their fee? Is an appointment required?

Yes/not sure until the spread is announced/Yes

If you e-mail them they usually respond within 24 hours. You can also call as well. They are very helpful. Their info is in the e-mail,

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According to this cash in guideline, Vancouver and Toronto would be the place to be to cash in. Just talked to Dinar Banker and they said that they would not be coming to Canada to cash us out. Is this just an American thing only, or why are we Canadians being sidelined? Does anyone know of any place in Canada where we could go to cash in?

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According to this cash in guideline, Vancouver and Toronto would be the place to be to cash in. Just talked to Dinar Banker and they said that they would not be coming to Canada to cash us out. Is this just an American thing only, or why are we Canadians being sidelined? Does anyone know of any place in Canada where we could go to cash in?

baldy777 you shouldn't have any problem cashing in in Canada Adam has banks set up in every major city in Canada if you are a VIP member which I see you are.

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