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John Deere Goes "Woke"


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John Deere Sponsoring Sickening DEI Wokeness as They Fire American Workers and Move Factories to Mexico (VIDEO)

Learn Your Pronouns In Order To Buy:

BTW in the lgbtq+ language the "+" means bestiality- Just sick if you ask me!:


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I've been ignoring this story for some time now. I live in a farming community that believes they are the most conservative. When Budwiser went woke with one video by a freak show EVERYONE said they would NEVER buy Bud light again. And guess what  they have yet to concede. On the outskirts of our town is a John Deer store. I wonder how long it will be before that implement business begins selling orange tractors. Cause they can consider themselves bankrupt otherwise. 

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My husband grew up farming, and he has a John Deer tractor.  This breaks my heart.  John Deer is the tractor of choice in these parts.  My husband doesn't farm much anymore, but does still have a tractor, and mows hay.  Then we sell some of the hay to a person who has about 7 horses. We have 2 horses.  So we need the hay.  Just glad we don't need anymore tractors. 

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