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Romano Mussolini (RIP) - Mirage

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Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini's son


He married Italian actress Sophia Loren's sister Maria...His daughter Alessandra became a member of the European Parliament and then a member of the Italian Parliament as a congresswoman  in the party of Silvio Berlusconi....She has gotten out of Politics in the last years ( Thank you Lord)...She'd still get much pissed whenever participating in talk shows if any other show guest would talk badly / criticize about her Granddad Benito and / or Fascism in general.....Tragicomical reaction.....She still thinks GrandDad was a great man....Family ties are family ties....Ok



Good pianist / keyboardist






Percussionist is Tullio De Piscopo who later would become Pino Daniele's drummer

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As music has no boundaries of any kind ( or at least it should not I believe...) ...In the past he'd get invited many times to the Italian Communist party (biggest communist party in Western Europe in the past) yearly Nat'l celebration ...I'm Italian...I know and remember...I might even have gotten to see him here in Trento once a long time ago...maybe mid-70's...But  not totally sure



I believe this one is his dedication to jazz giant Duke Ellington




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Man in center holding child is Mr. Benito Mussolini ( yep.....the bad guy...A disgrace for this Country...Got shot by insurgents on my exact birthday just 12 years before I was born....April 29, 1945...That order was given by the head of Northern Italy insurgents Sandro Pertini who in 1978 became President of the Republic until 1985....Thanks Universe I was spared the fascism experience....I'm grateful)...Friends and ally with Germany's Adolf Hitler and the Japanese in 2nd World War against everybody else ( smart, huh)......







Worth noting that in that obscure period Italy  applied racial laws against Jewish - Italian People and consequent deportation to concentration camps  just to make buddy Adolf happy.....Jewish People could not work anymore and kids could not go to school anymore....All that in addition to the repression against all those who were opposing fascism  at various levels  ( intellectuals, teachers, writers, journalists etc) of course.....One of the saddest episodes in the history of my country....


One of the last still living survivors  of that camp tragedy, Liliana Segre ( a young girl at the time) was appointed Senator for life  some years ago and she's still talking about all that in schools and universities about her experience of discrimination, hate etc....Great individual



Best president we ever had




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