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An American warning against an Iranian response to any Israeli operation in Lebanon: It will expose our forces to danger - 6/23/2024


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An American warning against an Iranian response to any Israeli operation in Lebanon: It will expose our forces to danger

An American warning against an Iranian response to any Israeli operation in Lebanon: It will expose our forces to danger
2024-06-23 // 22:41

Shafaq News / The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army warned of an Iranian response to any


General CQ Brown said that Iran "will be more inclined to support Hezbollah" in Lebanon, adding that Tehran supports Hamas fighters in Gaza, but will provide greater support to Lebanese Hezbollah "especially if they (the Iranians) feel that Hezbollah is under a major threat."


Brown's statements to reporters came while he was heading to Botswana to attend a meeting of African defense ministers.


Israeli officials threatened to launch a military operation in Lebanon if a negotiated end was not reached to remove Lebanese Hezbollah from the border.


Just days ago, the Israeli military said it had approved plans to launch an attack in Lebanon, even as the United States works to put an end to months of cross-border attacks and prevent them from escalating into an all-out war.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that he hoped to reach a diplomatic solution, but made clear that he would solve the problem “in a different way” if necessary.


He added: "We can fight on several fronts, and we are ready to do so."


Earlier, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Israeli Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, said that fighting Lebanese Hezbollah will be complicated, sooner or later.


Edelstein, who is also a member of the Likud Party, added to Israeli Army Radio on Sunday: “We are not in a suitable position to fight on the southern and northern fronts. We will have to deploy differently in the south in order to fight in the north.”


Edelstein criticized a video clip published by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week, which sparked a dispute with the White House, in which he said that the US administration was “preventing weapons and ammunition from Israel.”


The administration of US President Joe Biden in May suspended a shipment of 2,000-pound and 500-pound bombs to Israel due to concern about the impact they could have if used in densely populated areas of Gaza, but Israel is still slated to receive billions of dollars in American weapons.


Edelstein continued, saying: “I hope that discussions behind closed doors will achieve much more than those achieved through pressure attempts using video clips,” referring to Gallant’s visit to Washington.عربي-ودولي/تحذير-امريكي-من-رد-يراني-تجاه-ي-عملية-اسرا-يلية-في-لبنان-ستعرض-قواتنا-للخطر

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