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No More Delay! * Dutch & Tim Sheets * GiveHIM15 * 6/24/2024


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June 24, 2024


No More Delay!


I am always looking, and re-looking, at words given to other leaders. I have been rereading a word (and post) given to my brother Tim a year and a half ago. Although I shared a post from him last Friday, I feel this particular word needs to be shared again. It is very timely and important for now. I have updated and expanded it, adding thoughts of my own. I believe you’ll be encouraged.


Matthew 1:18-23 tells us of the supernatural conception of Jesus. These verses explain that Mary’s pregnancy was caused by Holy Spirit. Luke’s gospel says His overshadowing presence surrounded Mary, causing her to conceive Christ (Luke 1:35). The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14). Holy Spirit still hovers over people, depositing His life, deliverances, healings, and, yes, His words. God’s Words are called seeds (Matthew 13; Mark 4 Luke 8; 1 Peter 1:23). And though the seed of God’s Word planted in us is spiritual, not the eternal Word made flesh, it is no less alive and grows to produce its fruit. The new birth pictures this (1 Peter 1:23), as does revelation, which starts as a spiritual seed and grows into full understanding.

Through Holy Spirit’s overshadowing presence around and within us, God wants to cause this spiritual conception in our spirits. His purposes and revelation can be conceived in us; thoughts and dreams from God can be planted in our hearts. This can even occur corporately as our worship brings the hovering presence of Holy Spirit into our gatherings. In this atmosphere, callings from King Jesus, destiny opportunities, visions, strategies, goals, and revelations are often conceived in us.

But also, like Mary and the person Jesus spoke of in the parable of the sower, we must steward and bring to birth the seeds planted in us by Holy Spirit. When Christ was placed in Mary, He was in an embryonic state. What she had been given, she stewarded to full term, feeding, protecting, and caring for the child until His birth. We, too, must steward and carry to full term the seeds of promise Holy Spirit plants within us, feeding them by further abiding in God’s Word, protecting them with intercession, and decreeing them in faith.




Consistent with this, in the Message Translation, the angel actually refers to Isaiah’s prophecy of the birth of Christ as an “embryonic sermon.” Regarding Mary’s conception, Matthew says, “This will bring Isaiah the prophet’s embryonic sermon to full term” (Matthew 1:22).

What an intriguing statement - Matthew actually called prophecy an “embryonic sermon,” comparing it to a child in its embryonic state! As “embryos,” much prophecy and promises from God must be cared for, fed, brought to full term, and then delivered/birthed. This is consistent with Jesus saying in the sower parables that we must tend to His words.

Much prophecy is God’s offer to us, not a guaranteed outcome, just as are personal promises in His Word. Isaiah’s prophecy regarding the Messiah was certainly a guarantee, but personal words to people and places often are not. Paul told Timothy to use the prophetic words given to him in spiritual warfare, “By them, you fight the good fight” (1 Timothy 1:18). The obvious insinuation is that the promises given to Him by Holy Spirit were not going to just automatically materialize. Elijah’s prophecy of rain (1 Kings 18:1, 41) had to be birthed through prayer (verses 42-46). 


The Ekklesia has been in a season where prophecy after prophecy has been released, causing God’s plans to be “conceived” in us. We have been praying them. And like a pregnant woman who is not yet “showing,” the promises have been growing before being seen. Just because they aren’t yet seen doesn’t mean they’re not alive. Keep stewarding, tending, praying over, and declaring God’s promises. 


Too often, prophetic words are abandoned and neglected - forgotten about. To the contrary, we must keep the words and promises watered by faith and decrees, which cause them to grow. We have been doing so, and the “pregnancy” is beginning to “show.” Ekklesia hubs and the body of Christ are experiencing greater levels of God’s presence and power. Embryonic sermons and prophetic words are growing as they incubate in Holy Spirit’s hovering presence.


We would all prefer to receive “fully grown” prophecies and promises. When this isn’t the case, we often doubt and waver. But we must understand our responsibility in growing these “embryonic sermons” to full term. Our faith must remain strong through those times until “the fullness of time” arrives (see Galatians 4:4). 


Psalm 103:20 tells us that angels listen to our decrees. I have heard the Ekklesia many times decree, “No more delay.” Because of this, supernatural occurrences are taking place. Four years ago, the Lord told me [Tim] there would now come a new Pentecost, and everything in His Kingdom would begin to accelerate. It is amazing how delays have been dealt with since that word was given.


I believe that in the past several years, there has been more angelic activity on earth than ever before. Our prayers have enabled Holy Spirit and His angels to overturn delays, and bring to full term many spirit-conceived dreams, visions, revelations, and prophecies. Everything in Christ’s kingdom is accelerating, just as He said they would. Supernatural shifts are occurring, and a mega-move of God’s Holy Spirit is coming to full term.


The greatest push of the Kingdom of God on earth is now being resourced by Holy Spirit. Prodigals are coming home. We are pregnant with miracles and are “showing”; some are now birthing these miracles. We’re pregnant with outpourings of Holy Spirit, rivers of living water. We are carrying governmental authority to disciple nations and power to pull down demonic strongholds. Demonic princes will lose their thrones, and captives will be delivered.


In conclusion, there are embryos we have fed and watered which have grown. These embryos are at full term. What we have conceived, believed, and fought for is now mature and ready for birthing. Harvests are ready to be reaped! What we have conceived by Holy Spirit’s hovering presence will now be seen in the earth realm. We have stepped into accelerated times - no more delay!


Refuse to give up on what God said. Keep standing, believing, and decreeing His promises.


Pray with me:


Father, we feel that You are shifting the times and seasons, bringing a time of acceleration. What we’ve been carrying in our spiritual wombs, both individually and corporately, will now begin manifesting. We thank You for those who have tenaciously stood for what You told them, faithfully carrying and feeding what You planted and conceived in them. Now, “embryonic sermons” are coming to full term. We believe it is time to give birth, that labor has begun. Breakthroughs, dreams and visions, deliverances, and the salvation of millions are now in the birth canal. Bring this forth speedily.


Father, we ask for pure hearts that carry no envy or jealousy when newborn believers, or those who did not labor in prayer for this revival, are used in it (Matthew 20:1-16). Give them gifts and anointings, enabling them to reap alongside those who have been laboring. We are one body and we will need all hands on deck. When prodigals come home, after You give them their robe and ring (Luke 15:11-32), hand them a sickle! 


Strengthen and unite Your church for this time. May we be found faithful! In Yeshua’s name, we pray this, amen!


 Our decree:


We decree that the body of Christ will now birth that which we have been carrying. 


Click on the link below to watch the full video.







Today’s post was contributed in part by my brother Tim. You can find out more about him at

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