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Monday Night Opinions & BullSh*t @ 11:33 PM CDT - 6/10/2024


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REMEMBER, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... :twothumbs: RON 



Militia Man  Article: "Iraq bids farewell to the list of high-risk countries"  We already heard talk about them going from a black list to a gray list. Quote: "Iraq's exit from the list of high risk countries that was officially announced by the international task force last week. This step will will also make Iraq a destination and a source of interest for major International Development and investment companies." Iraq is on the runway and ready to go, take off.:twothumbs:


Jeff  The budget is approved with the dinar valued at today's Central Bank value, 1310. That's not  a rate change. What brings the rate change in is for the current budget approval to be overturned. That's what you're looking for, the court's ruling to overturn the approval which welcomes a rate change.:drunk:


Frank26  [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: Sudani's making another speech. He said something very interesting. My cousin caught it. Something very interesting before, he said the dinar will be stronger than the dollar. FRANK: That's right.  Remember? How many times have they been saying that, over and over. FIREFLY: However, in today's talk he said to us Iraqi citizens the dinar is stronger than the dollar...:twothumbs:


And Now, Some of Mark's over the edge :bs: And a BS Rumor from Pimpy

MarkZ  I have a number of historic bond contacts apts. starting late this afternoon through Wednesday morning. They expect a 1% payment. There are a lot of expectations. Question: If Bond people get their 1% as rumored, how would you see it rolling out for us briefly hypothetically? Mark: If they get their 1% this means things are well underway and we should have a better idea on what to expect for the currency side. The news throughout the weekend remains positive. We are playing the “wait and see” game to see if those bond dollars start to move.

MarkZ Question: Did you hear from your Bond Contacts? Mark: I do have a couple more who were told to expect theirs tomorrow…they were told today that those appointments for tomorrow are still set…and the expectations are that they will complete this time. I find this very encouraging.  If we see that - I believe we can then be excited…and all bets are off on timing. Question: How long after the bonds go will we go? Mark: Most of my sources believe we will go within 3 days. That is why I watch the historic bonds and am hopeful this time.


Pimpy  Let's go ahead and address a rumor that's going around: the exchange rate is going to be $28 to 1... When I heard that I damn near fell out of my chair. There's so many people kind of getting excited about...wondering is this real? You should ask yourself which currency out there currently is the most valuableThat'd be the Kuwaiti dinar - I think it's $3.22. Do you really think it [the Iraqi dinar] is going to come out with an exchange rate of $28 to 1? Yikes. :drunk:Obvious answer - NO..!



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