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Saturday Late Night Opinions @ 11:05 PM CDT - 4/13/2024


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REMEMBER, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... :twothumbs: RON 



Frank26  If you don't like what they [Chase Bank] have got, then go somewhere else... And when you go somewhere else you already studied the bank...vetted... looked at their portfolio...know their officers... know their structure...know how they're going to take care of your money... invest your money right? If you say no to any of those questions you're in trouble because the leeches and parasites... vultures sense you, once the sharks know that there's chum in the water, they're going to circle you. They're going to tear you apart. 'Hey, MC Hammer... You Can't Touch This.  You can't touch my money Frank.' How much money do you have?  $200 million...How much you have now?  Nothing... [this] is the situation we will be facing very soon. You're going to be attacked... You don't like Chase, make sure you check out where you're going carefully...


Militia Man  We know Al-Sudani is gearing to come to the United States on or around the 15th. Today we see he's ready to spend about a week in the Untied States.  His saying about a week in the United States is a big deal because that's a long time. He's bringing... senior representatives from the Central Bank of Iraq... They're going to be talking with the United States Treasury...


Clare  Article "Bankers excited to meet the Treasury Al-Sudani will stay in America for a week.. A source from Baghdad and another from Washington reveal the agenda" Quote "The Iraqi government source confirmed to the 964 network that Al-Sudani will hold meetings with businessmen, and will be accompanied by Iraqi bank officials...The Sudanese visit lasts a week and includes 3 American states.:twothumbs:


Samson  Article Bankers excited to meet the Treasury Al-Sudani will stay in America for a week.. A source from Baghdad and another from Washington reveal the agenda" :twothumbs:


Pimpy  My gut feeling is they're going to re-denominate and then change the exchange rate right after that to where it should be, somewhere around $3 and something cents per dinar. I've got 5 million. If it goes to $3 and something, I made $15,000. I'm a happy camper with that. It's better than not having anything. I understand for a lot of you you're like, 'No. No. NO. that's not good because that's not what I had in mind.'  And I'm sorry but you're asking me my opinion. That is my opinion. They will re-denominate the currency, LOP off the zeros - your 25,000 dinar will become 25 and then they'll reinstate the old rate...:violin::drunk:


Frank26  [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: Television is talking about our international debt going from trillions to billions... FRANK: That is the definition of lifting the three zeros... It's that simple... Going from trillions to billions - how? 'We already told you, we're lifting the three zeros from our exchange rate.' Why? 'Because we're re-denominating our currency.' How? 'By bringing out lower notes and getting rid of the three zero notes...' Why? 'Because we suffered enough.' 




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Pimpy is getting tiresome.  Redenomination will happen right before the civil uprising!   The people will totally tear the place apart if the government screws them over.  JMHO, but I just don't think that is going to happen.  :jester:

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