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Holy Spirit Warnings * Dutch Sheets * GiveHIM15 * 2/27/2024


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February 27, 2024

Holy Spirit Warnings
Last Friday, I received a strong warning from a prophetic friend regarding prayer for Supreme Court Justices. The warning had to do with an assassination attempt and a plan to remove another Justice through false accusations. 

We live in a day when violence has become rampant, out of control. You no doubt recall a short time back when a young man flew to DC intending to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh. When dropped off in front of the Justice’s home, he changed his mind for some “unexplainable” reason, and turned himself into the police. I certainly believe this was divine intervention.


The violence in our land is no doubt caused to a great degree by the curse associated with the shedding of innocent blood. The blood of 65 million babies has fed the spirits of Baal and Molech, giving them unprecedented access to our nation. Even though we are overcoming these strongholds through repentance and prayer, the hold of demonic spirits on many individuals will only end if and when they are born again.


We must be very diligent in this season to cover ourselves, our family members, and our leaders with prayer. Some we should pray for daily, and others as prompted by Holy Spirit; we are all called to be watchmen. Ephesians 6:18 tells us to be alert and watchful for one another, and pray when alerted by Holy Spirit. When an uneasiness comes for someone, never assume that this is coincidental or unimportant, as the following account illustrates.




In 1976, I was one of 40 to 45 individuals traveling to a remote place on the Passion River, in the Peten Jungle of Guatemala. Our mission was to help build a combination clinic and outreach station on the river, as well as do some preaching in the nearby villages.


After arriving in Guatemala City, we spent our first night there (Friday), and had arranged for the Guatemalan airlines to fly us the following day (Saturday) into the jungle. On our arrival at the airport Saturday afternoon, we were informed that they had changed their plans and could not fly us to our destination that day. They would do so the next day, Sunday.


Due to the limited amount of time we would have to accomplish this mission, our leaders felt an urgency to leave as scheduled. Consequently, they pressed the airlines off and on for three hours to honor their original agreement and take us that Saturday afternoon.


"No," different managers said in broken English, "We take you tomorrow."


"But you agreed months ago to take us today," our people countered.


"We have no pilot available," the airline official stated.


"Please find one," we pleaded.


"What is your hurry? Enjoy the city," they encouraged us.


And so it went for three hours, in and out of offices, meeting with one official, then another. Finally, in exasperation, one of them threw up his hands and said, "Okay, we take you now! Get on that plane. Quickly!"


Miraculously, they had pulled a pilot from another flight to take us. We hurried to the plane, throwing our bags and tools into the baggage area ourselves, wanting to leave before they changed their minds.


That night, with us now safely 250 miles away, an earthquake occurred in Guatemala City, where we had been, and killed 30,000 people in 34 seconds! Had we stayed in the city one more night, as we almost did, some of our team members would have been killed and others injured. We know this for certain because on our return to the city, we saw the building we had stayed in the night before the earthquake - and would have been staying in again had we not left on Saturday - with huge beams lying across the beds we had slept in, and would have been again had we stayed.


Now, the Ephesians 6:18 prayer connection. On that Saturday afternoon, during the 3 hours of negotiations with the airlines, an intercessor in our home church had felt a strong burden to pray for our protection. For those three hours, she was in intense intercession for us. We didn't know that our lives depended on getting out of Guatemala City that day, and she didn’t even know about the discussions taking place. But God knew, and she was alert to His prompting, as Ephesians 6:18 instructs us. Be on the alert.




We should pray daily for family members, and our leaders. Not a large number - perhaps our Congressman, Senators, and one or two others. When the Holy Spirit highlights a person or group, such as the Supreme Court, add them for a season. This responsibility doesn’t have to be burdensome or overwhelming, with long periods of prayer each day. Consistency is key. Form a habit of praying and declaring protection over these individuals at the same time each day - perhaps during your quiet time, on a commute, while doing a household chore, when taking a walk, or while dressing for work. Doing it at the same time each day will help you remember it and also will establish it as a disciplined habit.


Every church should also have intercessors assigned to each service. Sadly, there are terrorists and deranged people who would love to destroy an entire group of believers, even at the cost of their lives. Trained security is important, but often isn’t enough; prayer can make the difference. We absolutely should not live in fear, but neither should we take these matters for granted.


Continue to declare protection over America’s borders and over your state. Do not neglect to keep your faith operative in this regard. Stay locked in. Also, remember to cover the water supply, waterways, ports, and dams in your area. Keep your faith engaged and be alert for any promptings of Holy Spirit. I feel we must stay engaged regarding these issues throughout 2024.


And as you pray for other government leaders, remember to pray for Donald Trump and his family. Though he isn’t currently in office, he is hated like very few people, including by foreign countries and terrorists.


Please be faithful to pray over these people and issues. Let’s do so now.


Pray with me:


Father, we pray for protection over the Justices on the Supreme Court. We ask You to expose and thwart every attempt to harm them. I am led to pray especially for Justice Thomas, so we cover him now in prayer.  We bind every demonic plan to take his life. Protect him in every way Psalm 91 describes. As this Psalm states, we declare that no evil will harm him or his wife. We also pray against any strategy to falsely accuse and remove any Justice on the Court. We ask that all false accusations, slander, and evil plans be revealed and fail.


We also pray for President Trump, asking that he be protected from plans to harm him. Also, vindicate him from unjust accusations and lawsuits. Turn it ALL for his good. Protect his family as well, and those around him.


We ask You to give the Secret Service, police, and protection details of all these individuals great alertness, and enable them to discover any and all attempts to harm them. And we pray for divine protection over America’s water resources, dams, and ports. Protect them from destruction and harm. Expose any plot to damage them, and keep it from succeeding. We ask all of this in Yeshua’s name. Amen.


Our decree:


We decree that every plan to harm members of the Supreme Court will fail, in Jesus’ name.


Click on the link below to watch the full video.




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