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CBI Daily Auction & Currency Exchange Rates - Tuesday - 9/05/2023

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The results of the foreign currency sale window for Tuesday, 9/5/2023

Tuesday - September 05, 2023

The results of the foreign currency sale window for Tuesday, 9/5/2023

Announcement No. (4959 )

Total amounts of transfers abroad (remittances and credits)
Total cash sale amounts
Total sale amounts

Note that:

  • The price of selling amounts of documentary credits and international settlements for electronic cards is ( 1305 ) dinars per dollar.
  • The selling price of remittances abroad is ( 1310 ) dinars per dollar.
  • The cash selling price is ( 1310 ) dinars per dollar.

Link: » The Central Bank of Iraq’s currency sales schedule, Tuesday, 9/5/2023

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CBI Currency Exchange Rates
Tuesday - 9/05/2023


Currency Converter

US dollar USD 1,310,000
Euro EUR 1,420,564
Pound Sterling GBP 1,660,884
Canadian Dollar CAD 964,654
Swiss Franc CHF 1484,167
Swedish krone SEK 119,704
Norwegian krone NOK 123,678
Danish crown DKK 190,609
Japanese yen JPY 8,995
Chinese Yuan CNY 180,416
UAE Dirham AED 356,676
Jordanian Dinar JOD 1,850,282
Australian Dollar AUD 847,701
Special drawing rights SDR 1,742,326
Gold for a 24-ounce Gold 2,520,477,180
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IQD Rates - Updated: Tuesday - 9/05/2023

1310 IQD to 1 USD - CBI Official Rate

Shafaq News: 


Our correspondent indicated that the selling prices in exchange shops in the local markets in Baghdad have stabilized, as the selling price reached 154,500 dinars, while the purchase price reached 152,500 dinars for every 100 dollars.


In Erbil, the dollar also recorded stability, as the selling price reached 154,200 dinars for every 100 dollars, and the purchase price was 154,100 dinars for 100 dollars.


:tiphat:Have a Blessed Tuesday - Almighty GOD is Faithful..! :easyrider:RON 

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