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Is XRP about to fall?


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SEC lawsuit against XRP
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission initiated a lawsuit against Ripple in 2020, alleging that the company and its executives illegally sold XRP — a cryptocurrency created in 2012 — to investors without first registering it as a security.
what happens if its rules not a security????
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Here is the attorney that represents 75k XRP Holders who have filed a Lawsuit against the SEC.  He is helping out Library in their case against the SEC.  Today he got the Judge to agree on some very important issues that have major consequences against the SEC and in support of Library and Ripple concerning secondary markets.  



Investing in any Cryptocurrency is very risky.  There are no Regulations, and no Clarity on the Security vs Non Security Issue.  The Market is extremely volatile and controlled by Hedge Funds, Whales, and nefarious bad actors.  There is little adoption and it’s not ready for prime time yet.

 If you want to invest have a longer term time frame and understand there will be great volatility.  Our current Crypto Winter has Assets down 65-95% off highs of 2021.  Also,  don’t bet the ranch.  Invest with mad money or money you can afford to lose. Dollar cost average over a longer term.   If you are VIP go to the Crypto Threads and start reading.  That’s what I did 3 years ago and I’m very glad I did.    

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1 hour ago, Gypsygirl11 said:

Most people are probably gonna sell at $5 lol

Let's rock and roll XRP!!!!


It's good to hear from you Gypsy.  You're such a smart and classy woman.  Crypto is in the Winter months, the great shakeout.  Many folks have sold or trimmed their XRP holdings over the last year and 9 months.   It's a classic move by the big boys.  This is how they knock out the wild speculation moon boys/girls, and then they give it a little juice to knock many more out who held through the Winter.  It's kind of sad that people will sell for 5-10 bucks and leave so much more potential profit on the table for the stronger hands.  I get it, when you pay .33 for an asset and it goes to 5-10 that's a very nice profit.  After waiting for a long time they want and probably need the money. 


That's what I did 20 years ago.  I sold ALL my MSFT, AMZN, Google, and Apple for a solid gain, but left Generational Wealth on the Table.  What a rookie mistake.  Don't be like me.  If you need the cash or just want to do something else no one will ever criticize you for making profit.  Consider leaving some behind just incase it moons in 5-10 years.  Good luck to all.  

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Pitcher you have so much greater information. It's going to be very interesting year and next year because it's moving fast, the cryptocurrency world that is. Just sit back and wait my friends, sit back and wait. Take care and much abundance to all. Help the needy.

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