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Alpha Blondy - Politiqui


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Ivory Coast, west Africa  musician...Very popular all over Africa and also in France, Belgium etc


A youtube poster explained that the song is about the danger of Politics.People will praise you on your way up and then bring you down


Seems to work the same way all over the world apparently.......


True they had a few serious issues in Ivory Coast, including a Dictator ( Houphet Boigny-RIP)...Problems went on after his death, despite country being so rich  ( first world producer of cocoa etc)...Capital Abidjan is said to be one of the most modern cities in Africa....They had also a civil war....


Heard track for the 1st time while in Senegal, west Africa in 1987...Liked it







One of the funny / sad facts about the Dictator was that he (apparently a fervent Catholic) decided to build an exact copy of St.Peter's Cathedral of Rome ( biggest catholic church in the world) in the exact original size and extremely costly materials  like marbles etc imported from his birth-town Yamoussoukro  ...The classic cathedral in the desert ....Of course using millions and millions of money ( public, I'd venture to guess....I might be wrong on this one)

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