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Al-Barzanji: A major corruption file worth more than $11 billion will be announced soon


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Al-Barzanji: A major corruption file worth more than $11 billion will be announced soon

Al-Barzanji: A major corruption file worth more than $11 billion will be announced soon11/19/2022 20:37:41
The political analyst, Haider Al-Barzanji, revealed Saturday, a large corruption file worth more than 11 billion dollars, which will be announced soon.

Al-Barzanji told Al-Furat News that: "There is a corruption deal that will be announced soon, amounting to the theft of more than 11 billion dollars, and the investigations will end within a week or 10 days for this major theft to be announced." And he added, "assigning international companies to uncover theft mechanisms professionally above the capabilities in government institutions, and so that there is no kind of settlement." 

Al-Barzanji added, "The coordination framework is able, with its allies in Parliament, to support the Sudanese government, and the laws that await legislation must be included on the parliament's agenda, and they are important and have a major input for the stability of citizens' lives."

Al-Barzanji referred to "an agreement to evaluate the work of managers within 3 and 6 months for the entire government with the forces of state administration in a paper, and it is not a judiciary for one or a specific party, and the government's exemption decisions against officials are not retaliatory exemptions."البرزنجي-ملف-فساد-كبير-بأكثر-من-11-مليار-دولار-سيعلن-قريباً

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Integrity announces the start of holding the senior corrupt accountable and recovering the smuggled funds

Time: 11/28/2022 17:25:07

Read: 1,534 times  

{Local: Al-Furat News} The head of the Integrity Commission, Haider Hanoun, called, on Monday, to start holding the senior corrupt accountable and recovering the smuggled money.


In a statement received by Al-Furat News, Hanoun stressed, "The need to intensify anti-corruption efforts, and increase the pace of work of the commission's investigation directorates and offices in Baghdad and the provinces, to achieve its noble national mission of contributing to combating corruption, and striking with an iron fist at the hands of the corrupt and transgressors of public money." .

During his visit to the Commission’s Investigation Directorate in Basra Governorate and meeting with its management and staff, he indicated that “the Commission’s priorities at the current stage are consolidating and strengthening citizens’ confidence in government institutions by holding the senior corrupt accountable and returning smuggled funds to the state treasury.” He called on “the staff of the office to monitor the level of services provided to citizens, And to ensure that they are not exposed to blackmail, bargaining and bribery during their review of government departments, through field presence and to fully carry out their oversight role.

And he stressed the "submission of important files in their investigative and restraining work, such as cases in which there is a great waste of public money or those in which the person involved has high job degrees, or cases that represent public opinion," warning to "the priority of some sectors in the governorate, which he described as "the lung of Iraq." economic.”

He pointed out that "files of oil smuggling and corruption in ports and ports should receive great care from the Commission's Investigation Directorate in the governorate, urging the tracking of the movement of funds of some workers in the private sector who are linked to benefits in the public sector and have been severely affected," noting that "this could lead to To reveal the inflated money of employees and their enrichment at the expense of public money, in order to bring them to justice.

He explained that “the changes that can occur through job rotation aim to advance the interest of the institution, to carry out the task entrusted to it in an honorable manner before God and the people,” denying that “the change and alteration of some sites are for personal and non-objective purposes.”

He noted that "there are qualified and young elements among the staff of the Commission in various specializations, who are well-known to them; to lead the formations in which they teach, and to raise the level of performance of those formations in a way that serves the citizen and preserves public money."

He called for "following up on penal cases and intensifying efforts to expedite their completion in cooperation with the competent judicial authorities, and to prosecute bad elements in the governorate's departments who contribute to burdening citizens by asking for bribes and delaying the completion of their transactions or those who cause delays in projects, especially service ones," expressing his "readiness to overcome Obstacles that may hinder the work of the Directorate in a way that contributes to cleaning the governorate’s institutions from corruption or reducing its paths, in preparation for the eradication of this dangerous scourge.

It is noteworthy that the head of the Commission called, during his visit to the Commission's investigation office in Salah al-Din on the twenty-third of this November, to "remove affiliations, allegiances, and whims from the oversight work that prohibits such tendencies and affiliations in his field of work," directing that major changes be made in directorates and offices. Commission investigation in Baghdad and the provinces; To reform the anti-corruption system from within, by selecting competent, sincere and honest leaders to carry out this national mission," noting that "the oversight agencies' mission is a national and sacred mission, represented by fighting corruption from north to south of Iraq."

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The Iraqi Trade Bank announces the recovery of one trillion and 500 billion dinars

Economie| 12:39 – 11/12/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, the Iraqi Trade Bank announced, on Sunday, the recovery of one trillion and 500 billion dinars, while confirming that there are no loans for fake projects.

And a statement by the bank stated, “The Iraqi Trade Bank TBI represents the gateway to communication with the world for the implementation of documentary credits and the issuance of letters of guarantee and foreign transfers with financial institutions with countries all over the world, and that these banking operations are implemented for the government and private sectors.”

He explained that he “enjoys the confidence of major international banks through banking financial relations by opening accounts for the bank with those correspondent banks, which number 420 correspondent banks around the world,” noting that he “publishes, with full transparency, on his official website, all the financial statements audited by a company.” The four specialized majors around the world, in which all the financial details of the bank are clarified, including the amounts of lagging loans.

Regarding what was published on one of the satellite channels, the statement explained, “The total amount of the bank’s lag loans is inaccurate, because there are financial settlements concluded with the bank’s customers, and they are continuing to pay the loan amounts and their interest without hesitation.”

He stressed, “There are no loans for fictitious projects, according to what has been mentioned, but there are a number of previous loans to customers of unknown place of residence, which were made during the era of the previous administrations of the bank, and who could not be notified at the addresses registered with the bank, which forced the administration to take legal measures against them through Informing them of the official legal means of the unknown place of residence through the official Iraqi newspapers, and we confirm that the Iraqi courts have issued decisions and rulings in absentia against them.

He pointed out, “The circulation of this information in the media without verifying its exact sources directly affects the Iraqi Trade Bank and its relationship with correspondent banks around the world, which is reflected in the Iraqi economy in general.”

And he continued, “The Iraqi Trade Bank began gradually, most recently in the last two years, by taking allocations for doubtful debts and withholding them from the bank’s profits to face loans that are lagging on repayment, in order to strengthen the financial position and to enhance the bank’s sobriety due to the delay in repaying those loans,” noting that “the personalities whose names are mentioned In the report published on the satellite channel, they are not reluctant and are committed to paying loan amounts and interest on an ongoing basis.

And he added, “The administration of the Iraqi Trade Bank (TBI) is keen to preserve public money and has been working in the last two years in cooperation with the Office of Financial Supervision, the Integrity Commission and the Supreme Judicial Council on this matter, as nearly an amount (one trillion and five hundred billion Iraqi dinars) has been collected through the establishment of judicial legal cases.” Seizing movable and immovable funds, implementing travel ban provisions against a number of reluctant customers to pay what they owe, concluding financial settlements with another number of reluctant customers, and taking additional guarantees to strengthen the general position of loans.

He pointed out, “The work is continuing in full swing to follow up on the bank’s lagging customers, in order to recover all the amounts of those lagging loans and their benefits, noting that the Iraqi Trade Bank has achieved profits and financial returns so far from this year 2022 at the highest rate compared to previous years, and one returns These reasons lead to the recovery of a number of sums of money for the bank’s lagging customers. Ended 29/N33




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Theft of the century.. Al-Sudani's office announces the recovery of the second batch of tax secretariat amounts

  • SUNDAY, 11-12-2022, PM 1:19

Theft of the century.. Al-Sudani's office announces the recovery of the second batch of tax secretar 8-1670753952
On Sunday, the office of the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, announced the recovery of the second installment of the sums for the theft of the century.
In a statement received by Kalala Noun news agency, the office said, "With direct follow-up with the Prime Minister, and in cooperation with the Supreme Judicial Council, the authorities specialized in integrity issues continue to recover funds for the tax secretariats that were seized as part of what is known as (the theft of the century)."
And he added, "In confirmation of what the Prime Minister announced on the twenty-seventh of last November, the second batch of those funds was recovered, with an amount of one hundred and thirty-four billion, four hundred and fifty-five million and six hundred thousand dinars, which was duly deposited in the open bank account of the Rafidain Bank branch." President, so that the total amounts recovered are three hundred and seventeen billion, five hundred and thirty-five million, five hundred and thirty-six thousand, five hundred and twenty-five dinars.
The statement indicated, "The operations of recovering funds and pursuing the wanted persons are continuing under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister, in implementation of the government program that places the fight against corruption at the forefront of priorities."
On Thursday (December 8, 2022), the second Karkh Investigation Court, which is concerned with integrity issues, announced the deposit of the second batch of tax secretariat amounts in the bank account opened at the Rafidain Bank, the main branch.
According to a statement issued by the Supreme Judicial Council, and received by the news agency Noon, the amount is 134 billion, 455 million, and 600 thousand Iraqi dinars.
The statement confirmed the continuation of the process of recovering the amounts of tax secretariats, so that the total amounts recovered amounted to 317 billion, 535 million, 536 thousand, and 525 dinars.
The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, announced at the end of last November the recovery of 182 billion Iraqi dinars, as part of the stolen tax secretariats, which was known as the "theft of the century."
The "theft of the century" became the talk of the Iraqi street, political circles, and others, until its echo spread outside Iraq and was covered by Arab and Western media.
The "theft of the century" is represented by the disappearance of 3.7 trillion Iraqi dinars (about two and a half billion dollars) from tax secretariat funds, and it was revealed by several concerned parties about two months before the end of the term of the previous government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi.
Following the discovery of the theft, the Commission of Integrity and the Judicial Authority moved to investigate the case, and several judicial arrest warrants were issued. The first arrested was businessman Nour Zuhair, and he was imprisoned, in addition to others, in addition to judicial decisions to confiscate the movable and immovable funds of the person involved in the theft, as well as their families. Zuhair was released on bail.
The case file is still open to the Iraqi judiciary to reach all its leads, as well as ways to recover the money that was smuggled out of Iraq, according to a number of deputies and politicians.

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Against the background of the "theft of the century"... Integrity entraps a journalist who received a bribe to refrain from publishing corruption cases
political| 04:12 - 10/12/2022
Against the background of the "theft of the century"... Integrity entraps a journalist who received  1310122022_bribery

Baghdad - Mawazine News
The Federal Integrity Commission was able to arrest a journalist in the act of bribery. In exchange for a promise to refrain from publishing one of the corruption cases that have become a public opinion issue.
The Commission’s Investigation Department, speaking about the operation, which was carried out according to a judicial note, stated that the staff of the Commission’s Investigation Directorate in Baghdad managed to arrest a journalist who took money in exchange for not publishing on social media regarding the issue of withdrawing tax deposits from bank branches Mesopotamia.
And she continued, explaining that the operation that was carried out; Based on the provisions of Resolution (160 of 1983), it also resulted in seizing the amount of bribe.
She noted the organization of a fundamental report, and its presentation, along with the accused, and the exact amount, to the judge of the Second Karkh Investigation Court. who decided to arrest him pending investigation.
The commission had previously announced the details of the process of executing the arrest warrant issued against the most prominent defendants in the tax secretariat money case, starting with receiving information indicating that the delegated director of (Innovators Oil Services Co. Ltd.) intends to leave Iraq via Baghdad International Airport on the twenty-fourth of last October in an attempt to Including him to escape from justice, through investigating it and summoning judicial warrants for arrest and travel ban, and ending with his arrest. Ended 29 / H
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The full story of the theft of the century.. Important and exciting details


news source Iraq Today Agency

The full story of the theft of the century.. Important and exciting details 69555-810x458

The full story of the theft of the century.. Important and exciting details Iraqtoday
The source of the news /Iraq Agency today

Baghdad-Iraq today:
Middle East Eye revealed in a report that a network of Iraqi officials working within state institutions - including the Tax Authority and an anti-corruption monitoring body - are under investigation over a plot to steal billions of dinars from the tax accounts of international oil companies.
According to the site, the conspirators - including officials in the Ministry of Justice - targeted tax deposits that oil companies paid to the General Authority for Taxes in what investigators now believe is a precursor to the so-called "theft of the century".
The main targets were the Chinese Petroleum Engineering and Construction Corporation, as well as Lukoil Mid-East Limited, a subsidiary of the Russian energy giant.
The Prime Minister announces the recovery of 182.7 billion Iraqi dinars, the first meal out of an amount of (1.681270) trillion dinars, which will be recovered within two weeks.
robbery scheme
The scheme included fabricating a paper record of fake documents and checks issued by the General Tax Authority, in July and August 2021, in response to alleged requests from companies to recover tax deposits.
Persons falsely claiming to represent oil companies attempted to cash checks and cash them at branches of the state-owned Rafidain Bank, which maintains tax deposit accounts for the General Tax Authority.
According to an advisory at the Ministry of Finance - who spoke to Middle East Online - that no money was stolen at the end, because the value of some checks amounts to tens of millions of dollars, and that the apparent keenness of some senior officials to facilitated their paying attention.
According to this official, the details of the checks were reported to the Federal Integrity Commission, a government tasked with investigating corruption in the public sector, which appointed a special investigator for the case, as some checks were later stopped, while a bank official refused. to attempt to cash a check worth more than 44 billion. Dinars ($30 million).
The site indicates that the documents it obtained indicate that some officials working within the General Tax Authority, the Federal Integrity Authority, and the Ministry of Justice participated in passing and documenting documents that facilitated the theft attempt.
Targeting oil companies
Financial investigators believe that the tax deposit accounts of the oil companies were targeted by the same network behind the theft of 3.7 trillion dinars ($2.5 billion) from the accounts of the General Authority for Taxes kept in the Rafidain Bank, between September 2021 and August 2022 .
People involved in the investigation told Middle East Eye that they believed that many of the elements and tools of the "theft of the century" - including the use of forged checks - already existed, and were under trial, and confirmed that these tools also helped Participants test the response of regulatory and review bodies. And that, in order to avoid discovering their scheme, they worked to improve it, and instead of using people who claimed to be representatives of real companies, they used fictitious companies.
According to one of the participants in the investigation, a letter from a senior official in the Federal Integrity Authority to the General Tax Authority, at the end of August 2021, had actually referred to what could be described as a "green light" for thieves. by indicating that the Integrity Authority would not interfere in the affairs of tax authority.
Forged documents
Documents obtained by the site show how issuance of alleged checks to pay requests for refunding tax deposits from oil companies, in August 2021, sparked a wave of correspondence and scrutiny that included officials from the General Tax Authority, the Rafidain Bank, the Integrity Commission , as well as the Financial Supervision Bureau.
Middle East Eye had previously reported on how the Board of Supreme Audit, a body to monitor public spending, was removed from the role of auditor in tax deposit refund requests. According to the documents, the Supervision Bureau was still performing this role when checks were issued by the China Petroleum Engineering and Construction Corporation and Lukoil in early August of the same year.
The site also learned that the legal document that was submitted to the General Tax Authority on July 8, 2021, which appears to allow an Iraqi businessman to work as a representative of the Chinese company in the country, was verified by the notary at the Federal Ministry of Justice, as it was approved by officials. the tax authority despite clear indications that it was rigged.
The authorization or legal agency - which appears to be signed by the official of the Chinese company, businessman Ali Muhammad Issa Al-Jaf - grants broad financial powers that include opening and operating bank accounts, withdrawing and depositing funds, receiving checks and withdrawing them in cash on behalf of the company, without the authorization indicating any other details. About Jaf's relationship with the company or basic information such as his Iraqi identity number.
Accordingly, the website checked the agency's reference number and date of authorization with the Ministry of Justice, and did not find any record of its existence. Middle East Eye also learned that the notary who initially verified the authorization on July 8, and who later confirmed to the Tax Authority its validity, had been interrogated several times for falsifying credentials, and was transferred from Baghdad to a small town outside the capital two months ago.
And not only that, as the investigators told the site that a similar document was submitted to the Federal Tax Authority, as the document authorizes a businessman to act on behalf of “Lukoil”, and then this document appeared to be forged as well.
Foreign oil companies operating in Iraq must inform state oil companies of the provinces in which they operate. In a letter to the state Basra Oil Company, which is responsible for the oil fields in southern Iraq, Lukoil said that it had not authorized any person or entity to act as its representative in the Tax Authority, and had not received anything in this regard. .
The site contacted the media office of the Chinese company, but it refused to comment, and there is no indication that this company was aware of or involved in forging documents using its name, or in an attempt to steal money from the tax deposit account of the tax authority.
Investigators at the Ministry of Finance confirmed that verifying the fake authorization documents and their acceptance by officials at the Ministry of Justice and the Tax and Integrity Commissions facilitated the theft attempt directly, and one of the senior officials said, “It seemed clear that the first To steal these deposits relied on fake documents, then manipulated and accelerated the attempts, these practices culminated in the issuance of checks in favor of these companies.”
green light
The first check, with a value of more than 31 billion dinars ($21 million), was issued in the name of the Chinese company on August 2, 2021, and the documents seen by the site indicate that it was approved by the Acting Director General of the Tax Authority, Samer Abdel Hadi Qassem.
As for the second check, with a value of more than 12 billion dinars ($8 million), it was issued in the name of “Lukoil” company a few days later. A few days later, the Assistant Director General of the Tax Authority, Osama Hossam, withdrew the check after the Bureau of Financial Supervision inquired about it, which at that stage was still reviewing requests for refunding the tax deposit.
But according to the documents, the acting director general of the Tax Authority overturned the decision of his assistant, as the first confirmed the authenticity of Lukoil's check on August 16. However, on the same day, Qasim canceled the check issued to him on August 2.
The documents do not say why the check was stopped, but the investigators told MEE that checks are routinely voided if they raise suspicion.
Two days later, another check was issued to the Chinese company in the amount of 44 billion dinars ($30 million) and again the documents indicate that Qasim approved it, but the Federal Integrity Authority was informed about this check, according to a source involved in the investigation, as the junior officials were considered in the tax authority this large amount is suspicious.
The source told the site that there was a large exaggeration in the value of the check, and whatever the value of the tax deposits left by the Chinese company, the refund amount will not reach 44 billion dinars, adding, “The value of the check and the speed of its issuance indicates that there is something wrong, despite the confirmation of tax authority officials.” On the validity of the procedures and documents submitted by the applicant.
It is worth noting that Qasim was arrested under the “theft of the century” investigation last October, and Middle East Eye could not reach him for comment.
Involvement of the Integrity Commission
After issuing these two checks, the Federal Integrity Authority assigned one of its investigators - called PH - to look into the case, as he wrote to the Tax Authority requesting all documents related to the Chinese company's request to recover tax deposits.
In response, the Acting Director General of the Tax Authority asked the Rafidain Bank to seize the check during the investigation into the matter. However, at the end of August, the Director General of the Investigations Department of the Integrity Commission, Karim Badr Al-Ghazi, wrote to the Tax Authority to say, “We would like to inform you that this authority (the Integrity Commission) did not He asked to stop the check in question,” noting that the information provided by the Tax Authority indicated that “there was no damage to public money.” According to the person involved in the investigation, that letter was “the green light that launched the whole process later. It was a written guarantee from the Integrity Authority.” not to obstruct the process.
Hours after receiving Al-Ghazi's letter at the end of August, the Acting General Director of the Tax Authority called the Rafidain Bank to allow him to cash the check for the Chinese company amounting to 44 billion dinars. However, on the first of September, a man claiming to be the representative of the Chinese company in Iraq entered the Rafidain Bank branch that maintains accounts. Deposit your tax to the tax authority, and request that the check be paid in cash immediately.
“There was one last hurdle,” says one of the investigators, “as the bank manager insisted that the money must be deposited in the company's bank account before it could be withdrawn, and the bank manager refused to hand over the money in cash. ”
The source added that the man did not provide the bank with the details of the company's account and it came out empty-handed, but the investigators believe that this is the moment that prompted the final revision of the plan of the conspirators to steal the century, As instead of targeting official companies, they used a network of fake companies and established bank accounts in their name in the Rafidain Bank. .
He adds that after only one week, the first check was deposited on September 9 in an account that was opened two days ago in the name of one of these companies and it was called Al Qant General Contracting Company, where the value of the check is - which was withdrawn in cash on the same day - was exactly identical to the amount of the check. Which was issued to the Chinese company, which the bank officials refused to disburse 8 days ago, amounting to 44 billion dinars.
After that, Middle East Eye learned that BH, the investigator in the Integrity Commission - involved in the case - submitted a request for unpaid leave for 5 years in late 2021, as he left the country for an unknown destination, and that he is currently under an arrest warrant.
Al-Ghazi was also removed from office last November 6 by Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani due to his failure to prevent theft of tax deposit funds.

You can read the news from the source here

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