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All for Show: Pfizer Makes Stunning Admission About Comirnaty on the CDC's Website

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"These [Comirnaty] NDCs (National Drug Codes) will not be manufactured. Only NDCs for the subsequently VLA-approved tris-sucrose formulation will be produced."


Attorney Thomas Renz: "What that means in English is that Pfizer is just admitting they didn't make any Comirnaty. They're not gonna make Comirnaty. This whole 'Comirnaty's licensed' thing was a load of crap to try to convince people to get these jabs."


Full Video:


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1 hour ago, Smokey Mtn. Dinar said:

What is this "Comirnaty" ?  A new drug for them to try to kill us with?  Claiming another covid vaccine?   


It was supposedly a Vaccine approved by the FDA, for regular use, not an EUA.  It ended up being a bait and switch which allowed the US Military to continue to vaccinate our troops under the guise of Cominaty.  But as you read above, there's no such animal...



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