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Passing Over Into a New Portion - Chuck Pierce - GiveHIM15 * 5/02/2022 - Prophetic Insight


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May 2, 2022

Passing Over Into a New Portion




(As you know, from time to time I use insights, prophetic revelation, and dreams from others on the Give Him 15 posts. I thought it would be good to have Chuck Pierce personally share the following word. It is timely and will encourage you.)


We all have a portion! This is very important for each one of us to understand. You need to know that God made you and has given you a portion, not only in eternity, but here in the earth realm. Psalm 16:5 says, “The Lord is the portion of my inheritance, my cup. He is all I need. You support my lot.”


Inheritance means “my portion.” When you start looking at the inheritance that God has given you, you realize you are moving into a new portion and that you have a portion to establish and steward. We have just completed Passover 2022, or 5782 on the Hebraic calendar. In Hebrew, the number 80 begins with the letter “Pey,” which is also the first letter in Pesach, or Passover -- so the whole decade we're living in now is an era of Passover. An era is a particular historic timeframe.


We're living in a new era and the history for our future is being recreated. God's not in time, but we're in a time and need to understand that He made us in His image. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and we, too, have a timeframe for yesterday, today, and the future. Most people never look at the future or where they are going, so they just live and get caught in the timeframe and the trauma of their past, or in the present with all of the conflict that's around them. This causes them to lose sight of their future. But in this Passover era, if you'll remember that you are passing over, crossing over, and moving from one dimension to another dimension, you will always keep the right perspective of where you're going.


Passover is a Time to Cross Over!


There were several Passovers in the Word of God, beginning with the original Passover of Redemption. There comes a time when we must embrace coming out of whatever Egypt we're living in. Redemption means you've been bought back. There's been a price paid for you to recover all that you have been given and you are now moving to do just that.



There's also what is called the Passover of Promise which Joshua and the people celebrated after crossing over into the Land. I believe it is the Passover we are celebrating this year. Hebraically, the year 5782 is linked with building in the Pey era because the numeral 2 is represented by the Hebrew letter “bet,” which is associated with “house” or “building.” The letter Pey can mean “mouth,” so the decade is linked with the voice that's coming out of you. How are you speaking about what you're building in the future? What we build is so key for us to understand. The word ‘build’ also carries the idea of sons and daughters being added. At this time, the framework is developing over how you will secure your dwelling.

This year, we are actually crossing over into our promise. You can have the Passover of Redemption just like the Hebrews had coming out of Egypt, but that whole generation never entered into their promise. It is possible to pass over from Egypt, but still not pass over into promise. That's an important concept for you to think about.

In 2 Chronicles we find another example of crossing over … the Passover of Double Portion. You need to know there comes a time when your portion can increase, and God empowers you into a new portion for a new season. There's a Passover of Returning. Jacob had to pass over and return to all that he had left. He had run. He had been in hard labor for 20 years. He left his promise and he returned to his promise. There's a timeframe that we go through many times in our life where we must return to the ultimate plan that God had for us.


Yeshua led us into the Passover of Fulfillment. The Lamb sacrificed on the cross created a fulfillment of all things for us. Fulfillment is a time word meaning everything is summed up and you fulfill your future.



There's a Passover of Advancement. In Acts 12, we find that the Passover season was when the Church really began to advance. Peter was in prison and the angel led him out. You should always be conscious of the angelic at Passover that will cause you to advance.


There's also a Passover of Threshing. All Passovers are linked to harvest, and we are in a harvest era. Recently, the Lord caught me up and showed me how Heaven is moving -- changing what is on the earth. The earth is going through much transition right now. I see the next three years as a great threshing time. That means wheat and chaff are being separated so that a greater harvest can come forth. This means the wind is blowing. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is blowing from heaven and creating incredible threshing in the earth.


Many nations are in the valley of decision and how they're making decisions now is how they will have vision for their future. How they're allowing themselves to be threshed and separated out to realign (or not align) with God's ultimate purpose is how the judgment will come in days ahead.


Passing Over into Your Promise!


I want to impart to you the Passover of Promise, the Passover of a new portion … a double portion. There was a totally different crossing when Joshua and the people crossed the Jordan River than when Moses led the people through the Red Sea. God was saying, “If you'll meditate on all that I've said to you in the past 40 years, you'll have success as you pass over and occupy the portion I promised over 400 years ago.”


Remember, when they entered promised land everything changed. The way that the presence of God manifested in fire and cloud changed. Previously, provision had been coming to them from Heaven and all they had to do was pick it up. But now they were eating the produce of the land and the manna stopped. In the Passover of Promise, we go into a portion where we are causing an increase, just like in the Garden.


We were meant to watch after the Garden, cultivate and increase it. The Passover of Promise is linked with watching after, cultivating, and increasing. Review the portion that you have right now. Review the promise that God has spoken to you and see what has never manifested that is necessary for you to come into that promise -- because that's where your war is ahead. War is intensifying because the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is blowing from Heaven and the dragon is rising up and blowing fire, trying to stop the new birth.


This year of 2022 is important. Twenty-two is always linked with receiving the keys of revelation that are necessary for us to unlock the kingdom around us. Then once we unlock the kingdom, as the Lord prophesied in Matthew 16, we build the church for the future.



You Have a New Portion!


Let me close by talking to you about your new portion. Elijah had one portion that had been allotted to him by the Lord – to overthrow Jezebel. This was meant to change a whole nation. But Elijah fell to fear and ran before securing his portion. God had grace, and told him, ‘You're now going to have to anoint three people to complete what I promised you.’ That's a very incredible key in this Passover of Promise. There will be different anointings for different people. One of the people he anointed was Elisha. He dropped his mantle on him, but that mantle didn't become a reality for seven years.

Elisha had to choose to follow and learn from Elijah for seven straight years. Then, when the time came, Elijah struck the Jordan River with the mantle, crossed over, and was caught up. He had told Elisha, “What is it you want from me?” Elisha said, “I want a double portion of what you have.” Elijah said, “If you'll follow me to the end, you'll receive it.” Elisha did see Elijah go up. Elijah’s mantle fell, and finally, it was Elisha’s mantle with the new double portion. He then had to cross back over the river into his mission and his promise.

Know that we are a Kingdom people who are crossing over! I release over you the grace and vision to gain a new portion of anointing to cross over and secure the inheritance and the promise that has not yet been fully secured.


I decree you will embrace your new mantle and new portion in this year of the Passover of Promise.


Today’s post was contributed by Chuck Pierce. Chuck is the founder and pastor of Glory of Zion church in Corinth, TX. You can find out more about Chuck here.


Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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