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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Next RV Window...Haaj...July 5th -12th.


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Luigi says...IMO.


The next RV window of opportunity may come after Haaj 2022...July 5 through 12.

If it don't happen by then, the RV may be pushed back to 2023. 

They like the Books to be adjusted at the last Quarter or the first Quarter.

Another lost year while we wait & wait.

Come on Parliament...fill those vacant seats.

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This just in from Mayberry... Go for it Ernest T!!.  Goober and Gomer said they would help and fetch some rocks

Barnie says he is in but he ain't strong enough to get a rock through a window

but if Andy gave Barnie his  single bullet he might be good for one closed window

that is if he can get his gun out before it goes off in his holster.

Andy just called Mount Pilot and I guess the Governor has  

given the green light to start throwing rocks or anything to get justice from these evil window closers.

Some rotten potato keeps messing up my windows.

Boy I'd like to take a rock and break that potato's head .




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here's another article related to the above...



Currency windows are now counterproductive to Iraq & is now the problem & not the solution.  We need to realize this, too.  This gives us assurance that we are close & this RI is our real goal, is close at hand.

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