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CBI Host Computers Are Down Today - 2/21/2022

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Good morning Ron,

Interesting timing on this issue, could be something could be nothing. 

We are PERHAPS seeing a major change of events taking place, and with all the news as of late, who knows, maybe, just maybe we are getting close.


Thanks for your ongoing support for us all here Ron, very much appreciated sir 🙏

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2 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

It has been reported the Iraq stock exchange will be closed for several days due to the changes in the USD-IQD exchange rates.  If true, this is very good news.  Go RV-RI.

Wrong section Luigi 1, this is the news section. In here you need to post a link not just some BS you read from Franks site. Would love to see that report your speaking of…

Thank you…

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It is well known that the WEF ran a simulation cyber attack on the World with many Countries participating.

Might be some interference effecting the CBI or it might be their own crap system who knows?..These Creeps Gotta Go...just sayin..!




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