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Tuesday Midnight Opinions - 1/18/2022


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... :twothumbs:RON 



** Frank26   Article:  "Opening a branch of the first Iraqi bank in the UAU"   Dubai banks do not deal in used toilet paper...notice all these CBI private banks are opening around the world but not a single one is open yet...all of these baby banks from the CBI are sprouting out just like we told you.  We call them satellite banks.  They're all over the place now...


** Kaperoni  I've been saying the same thing for years and guess what? I am right!  Until Iraq has a parliament and passes the significant economic laws needed for foreign investment, forms a new government oh, and build an economy away from oil there will be no change in the exchange rate.


** MilitiaMan  Article: - the headline is 'Releasing Money'. They have quite a bit of outstanding frozen assets that are out there.  It's been a long time coming.  We have been told over the years that there's a significant amount of money...Interpol talked about upwards of about $180 billion and there's been other comments in respect to upwards of $500-$600 billion in assets around the world...that's astronomical if they call that money back and put that towards their bottom dollar it could definitely support their Real Effective Exchange Rate...the timing of this all coming out at this stage is phenomenal.


** Nader From The Mid East   I got good news for you this morning.  The president of the CBI sent a letter to the government talking about the rate to be changed, but there's no decision made yet.  When we say rate change you know rate is not going to be 1 to 1 first's going to float for a long's going to be tough to be 1 to 1...Iraq paid a lot of things I know but we still owe money to 12 countries ...the UN took us from Chapter 7 yes.  We are out from the black list on the European Union...they are working hard.  They are doing a lot of things.


** Petra  We're seeing a lot of major things happening within surprised us that an article that came out...they said they are [having] discussions... [about] funds that could be repatriating back to Iraq that were either stolen from Iraq or have been on hold in accounts on behalf of Iraq until they go out of Chapter VII.  If those funds are coming back, oh my goodness it could really impact...the free cash flow that would be available to help them build their infrastructure and build the country and bring in the secondary markets...that's a lot of money and there's a reason why they held that out this long...




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28 minutes ago, sooner guy15 said:

Any guesses on how long it will take them to form the government this time? Last year seemed to be quicker than usual.

I wish from first through second quarter of 2022 if i say if they don't keep delaying and delaying for whatever reasons.

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6 hours ago, 3 bucks new rv rate said:

12 countries? wow I didn't know that.  I thought Iraq already paid debt 100% ( debt free ) to country of Kuwait only. 

Once Iraq paid off Kuwait, it opened them up to their other debts. They owe less than 20b total and I believe there may be potential to have some debts written off. Iraq just requested to have their frozen assets released back to them, sounds like they have enough frozen assets to cover the 20b and have plenty left over.

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