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Sunday Evening Opinions @ 8:45 PM CST - 1/09/2022


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... :twothumbs:RON 



*** Frank26  The other thing that bothers me. You say [U.S. Bank executive] that FDIC insures me $250,000 Yeah.  Did you know the FDIC insurance in the small print way down in the bottom there's a clause that says that the bank/the FDIC has up to 99 years to pay me back what you Mr. Bank lost?  [Note:  Consult your financial advisors at the appropriate time to create the best plan to help you protect your money and assets.]


*** Kaperoni  Looks like Sadr and the Sadist bloc have formed an alliance with numerous other blocs including the Kurds to now have the largest bloc in parliament and the right to form the government. This appears to leave Al-Maliki and his State of Law coalition left out. Based on several other articles it appears Al-Maliki is trying to imply this result will...have constitutional ramifications.  IMO it just seems like Maliki is trying to cause trouble. His time is running out...We can only hope Sadr has the correct intentions for democracy and economic growth in Iraq.


*** Vital Brad   The [former] governor of the Central Bank of Iraq...he passed away...I think it's so important to put back into everyone's  perspective that this life is just temporary...


*** MilitiaMan   Article:  "Exchange rate first"  Quote:  "It is time to adjust the exchange rate to enhance the value of the national currency (the Iraqi dinar) against the dollar. This is looking so so good!! I agree, it is time to adjust the exchange rate. Let the first task in the Parliament today be in the cards... Ease the burden of the Citizens by changing the exchange rate to enhance the value of the national currency against the dollar.  Imo, the CBI can adjust the rate when ready or not the government is...




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