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Tuesday Afternoon Opinions @ 5:15 PM CST - 1/04/2021


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... :twothumbs:RON 


*** Petra   [Iraqi banks have been closed the past two weekends]  Banks at the end of the day ledger-up all their funds.  Every teller goes and takes their drawer and they go and count it, rectify it and make sure there's nothing short.  They put those drawers in the vault and ready for the the next day.  That information is sent to the Central Bank...For people to say we're going to take 2 weeks off to do all this accounting?  Friends that accounting is done every day...Now they have a quarterly but it's all electronic now.  It happens in one day..[Post 1 of 2].


*** Petra  Q? : [Why they had to do two weeks of inventory right before the end of the year?] ...the banks have been closed the last two weekends.  The bank people had to be there to do "inventory" but it's a joke.  Something is being hidden because something is being done in the background to true-up so that when the new rate does come out they're ready to rock and roll to exchange the old currency for the new...I think that's what's being lined up IMO..[Post 2 of 2].



*** Pimpy  Article: "Sources: Al Sadr presents two candidates to head the government, and the likelihood is for Al-Kazemi"  This article here is major...Sadr is playing 5D chess and the rest of the people are trying to catch up...whatever this move is by Sadr it seems genius - put somebody up there with him [Kazemi] that is less liked and see what they say.  It looks like Al-Kazemi is going to get back in there.  




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Conspiracy Theory Tuesday!  Love this day!  Banks hiding things from the world!  Can you imagine that?  I do believe that they have a plan, but they really are the only ones that know it.  Yes, they are not going to tell, and it will happen very quickly for sure.    I just want to make sure and follow the poo-ru's, because they have all the inside connections, and boots on the ground.    Go RV @ $7.50!   :jester:  :drunk:

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