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Al-Kazemi: Iraq has become a destination for international partnership and cooperation

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Al-Kazemi: Iraq has become a destination for international partnership and cooperation
{Political: Al Furat News} Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi congratulated the Iraqi diplomats on the Iraqi Diplomatic Day.

Al-Kazemi said on Twitter: "We are proud of Iraq's success in opening up prospects for regional and international cooperation, which made our country a destination for partnership and cooperation."

And he indicated that "effective and honest diplomacy is the path to achieving achievements and building bridges of communication."

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It would be nice if they could build actual roads, electrical generation and distribution systems, provide clean water supply and give an education to the next generation when they are building this theoretical bridge. 

Politics is politics, all talk; I would love to see the infrastructure actually manifest within this reality. That’s what these people need, help rebuilding after a war. 

Human beings will fight less when they are not trying to survive, but rather overcoming obstacles in cooperation as they have an opportunity to thrive.

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Y’all do your research if you choose....Compare the recovery of Germany to Iraq 20 years on. 
Yes, certainly it’s not Peas& Carrots and cultural differences are many. But the resolve of the political Germany to that of political Iraq are very eye opening. 
Not too tough to see which country had the desire to rebuild its future giving Its people a better way of life....& a globally recognized currency !


....all the more interesting when know how Germany was so instrumental in bringing about a global war ( yes atrocities too numerous to count ) and subsequently being bombed day & night right back into the Middle Ages.


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