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Monday Morning Opinions @ 10:40 AM CDT - 10/25/2020


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... :twothumbs:RON  



** Kaperoni  If anybody understands how Iraq forms a government, must realize it is not an elected prime minister it is political groups joining together to form the largest block  which they then choose the next prime minister.  Al-Maliki has been working diligently to form the largest block.  This needs time to play out but to see Al-Maliki hosting meetings to form the largest bloc to choose the next prime minister (which he hopes is himself) is not what we want. This won't happen...Sadr, who has the most seats, hates Maliki and won't let that happen...RON 


** Mnt Goat  Article: "OIL EXPERT: IRAQ WILL ENTER ONE BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY IF THE PRICE OF OIL INCREASES BY ONE DOLLAR" Boy, oh boy, I have to admit they are very good at hiding their numbers. Well so, at $1 billion additional monetary reserves for every $1 increase in a barrel  of oil then with and increase of $20 a barrel (additional $20 billion in monetary reserves ..right?) they are telling us they can reach over $100 billion in monetary reserves by the end of the year. I said by the end of the year… Could this be their goal all along..?




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Maliki is a non-factor anymore.  I doubt even his party doesn't want him.  Who knows though?   I just don't think Maliki will be the man again.  He has had it, and done nothing, but get his hands in the cookie jar, and get rich.  Iraq can't afford him again!   Sadr's block I hope will at least work for the Iraqi's!   :twothumbs:

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    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 

      *** Frank26   [Iraq FIREFLY boots-on-the-ground TV update] FIREFLY: All last night they kept talking to us about the digital platform again...telling us that it is complete, saying that in early 2022 the budget will be supporting a rate that will enable it to bring the white paper reforms. FRANK: When you say 'When is it going to happen?' It's happening...the first video made it very clear 'we're international.'  The second video is about, 'should we raise the value of our currency.' FIREFLY: They just told us they have 3 shows and the next 3 shows will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday to finish the whole pros and cons series. [Post 1 of 2].
      *** Frank26  FIREFLY: CONT:   They say the dinar is back to global trading market platforms. They're saying Iraq will again be a leader in the region and they said that the dinar will be a supportive feature not only in the country of Iraq but on a global market. FRANK: ...This is fantastic.  Every day notice that they're telling you more and more.  Now they tell you that the new exchange rate is basically in the white papers.  They already told you that it's in the budget of 2022.  Remember they called it the 'guarded surprise' for you Iraqi citizens in order to complete your reforms.  I'm extremely excited for you and for me...that's why they're teaching you about the new small category notes that you are about to receive..! [Post 2 of 2].

      *** Pimpy   Iraq's doing everything they can to regain their sovereignty to get removed off the blacklist.  We got more oil in the fields that need to be drilled and discovered.  We need to develop the private sector so people have jobs but in addition to that less reliance on oil for the budget.  The elections are over.  Corruption is being dealt with. And we know that Sadr met with Al-Kazemi.  Let's hope something comes out of that and we see this continuation of great work...

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 

      *** BobTheTaxMan  [Reference "No Plan" post from 12-5-2021]  Now, let's take another look at the same scenario but with planning and preparation...We got the same 10 million IQD and .50 cents equaling $5 million buckaroonies.  Option 1:  Gifting Assignments.  Why Bob?  Because it's a great way to reduce your estate taxes - needs to be done...before the RV.  Option 2:  The Roth IRA.  This is the one and only way to have a completely tax-free gain on your IQD.  Option 3:  The CRUT (Charitable Remainder UniTrust).  It's the best way to exchange your IQD in a tax-free environment and provide yourself a lifetime of income, a legacy and sharing with charities on your passing.  [NOTE:  Always consult your tax and financial advisors at the appropriate time to build a winning strategy specific to your unique circumstances.] [Post 1 of 2].
      *** BobTheTaxMan  Now, including these plans in your IQD investment can still give you all the dreams...but with very little effort and very little expense.  The choice is yours.  Some are going to do nothing...spend it as quickly as possible...and then live a life of coulda, woulda, shoulda done things differently.  There's some that are going to do something - exchange slowly...hoping the value of the IQD doesn't fall... - Keeping your exchange income under the proposed $400,000/year...Then there's those who are going to do everything they possibly can...reduce or eliminate those estate taxes...have a tax-free gain and...invest this gain for a tax-free lifetime income and leave a tax-free legacy for their heirs... [NOTE:  Consult your tax professionals at the appropriate time to calculate the right tax for your unique circumstances and strategies.] [Post 2 of 2].
      *** Frank26  The year 2021 is for the purpose of educating the citizens about their monetary reform not their economic reform....the main thing is that they are educating them in the year 2021 about the new small category notes.  About the new exchange rate. What did I say to you is in the 2021 budget?  What did I say is in the 2022 budget? What did I say is in the 'white papers'... the rate.  Last week I told you they educated them on the pros and cons of their monetary reform.  It was an hour long video...they told the citizens they were international ...that their currency now has the ability to leave their country or to coming into their country - that's never happened before.  They told them that this is the first time ever.  There's a whole generation that has never seen their own currency - almost 20 years. So the education process is occurring in the year 2021...

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 
      *** Pimpy  They need to continue to do what it takes to lower that % of oil sales for their budget. A strong private sector means you have a strong economy. A strong economy leads to a strong dinar.  I still think it's going to go up in increments until they develop enough of the private sector...less people relying on the gourmet.  Stronger economy leads to stronger dinar.  Just hang tight, we're seeing them take all the right steps They haven't taken this many positives steps in the right direction in a long time.  So far so good.

      *** Frank26  [Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV update]  This is weird.  The CBI governor is on the television talking about some state-of-the-art technology...they're telling us that we have a 1 of a kind prepaid card for all payments in a Visa card.  First of a kind in the Middle East...this is a fully Digital platform and is complete and wishes to have this on the global front so all citizens can make payments internationally.  This is getting very serious...

      *** Mnt Goat ...What I am told by the CBI is that they are planning a MAJOR rate change and reinstatement to FOREX as part of the White Paper reforms.

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 

      ** Frank26  [Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV update]  FIREFLY: We now see the special commercial.  It's on TV. We're watching it right now.  They're saying that the currency of Iraq is tomorrow's future...They say the special will run through the weekend.  It's at 9pm Iraqi time.  It's a 1 hour show... FRANK: IMO that means you are just a matter of moments away before they show you what they are talking to you about... FIREFLY: This morning they said all was complete and expected Iraq to be fully compliant sometime in early 2022.  Then he said the time is now until we guide Iraq to the stage of the international acceptance of our country's currency..[Post 1 of 2].
      ** Frank26  [Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV continued]  FRANK:...IMO they have to show you what they're going to give you first and then give you the exchange rate either simultaneously or just shortly after they show you.  They can't just give these new currency note in your hands because you guys will not fully understand.  It must not fail with you.  Once that step has been accomplished they will show a new exchange rate.  IMO the new exchange rate will be more toward the end of the year closer to the beginning of next year or it will be given to you on the 1st..[Post 2 of 2].

      ** BobTheTaxMan  We're going to take an example.  Let's say the announcement came from the CBI...with an anticipated rate of .50 cents...So you take your 10 million IQD and you rush off to the bank and you exchange it for $5 Million dollars.  Yippie!  Your IQD investment finally paid go home petting your precious money fantasizing over what you are going to spend it on...the lifestyle you have dreamed of is in reach.  The house, the car, the vacation, the toys they all appear and your long dreamed of funds begin to disappear.  Now all the money is spent...whatever you set in payments is still there draining your income and your income cannot continue to support the lifestyle your fantasies created.  Then comes a letter... [Post 1 of 2].

      **  BobTheTaxMan  ...a letter from the IRS you are now owing them 40% of your 5 million dollars which is approximately $2 million dollars.  And then the state comes knocking saying 'hey you owe them also'.  The dreams of a lavish lifestyle suddenly turn into a financial horror story because you have payments to the IRS and to the state which are freaking impossible.  The debts begin to take a toll on your life and your relationships are challenged maybe even broken.  Your financial security is completely destroyed and everything you thought the IQD investment would be is now a legacy of pain and guilt.  Now, let's take another look at the same scenario but with planning and preparation for the anticipated IQD revaluation. [TO BE CONTINUED...]..[Post 2 of 2].

      ** Sandy Ingram  Article: "Central Bank of Iraq governor meets with head of Turkey's banking licensing and supervision authority" This is happening...The Central Bank of Iraq setting up bank branches in Turkey. This was good news because it means investors possibly can visit a safe country in which to exchange Iraqi dinars and/or open a banking account and set up possibly 4% interest rate...

      ** Pimpy  There is a lot of positive things working in Iraq.  We know these things.  We know the early elections took place and the government is being formed.  We know over the last year and a half Al-Kazemi appears to be the real deal Holyfield.  He's been doing everything he could to get the corruption weaved out the the government- doing what he could to develop the private their budget isn't reliant on oil sales...they're finding new oil and oil fields.  They're working on moving quickly through the WTO.  They're doing what they can to remove themselves off the blacklist...we know our troops are getting ready to leave restoring the sovereignty of Iraq.  We know that their debt is almost paid off with Kuwait for invading them.  All these things are big...steps necessary to get to the revaluation of the dinar.

      ** Frank26  Article: "Kuwait confirms receiving $1.47 billion in war compensation from Iraq"  What are you putting in there? Quote: "...amounting to 1.47 billion dollars (0.4 billion dinars) in April, July and October of this year."  Dude you just gave the mathematical formula!  That would be $3.61!  About an hour after this news agency...resent it without that information in the translation.  Was it a mistake - don't pay attention to that?  Or was it a mistake - I can't believe you did that!  Get rid of that!  Release the next article without that information!?  Honestly I don't know...IMO Kuwait is being paid off for a reason right now.  It is part of the agreement for Iraq to lift the value of their currency... The rate of Kuwait is around $3.32...I don't know if it's an honest mistake but the calculations are fascinating.

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 
      *** MilitiaMan ***  If they are openly telling the citizens and from what we Iraq that they are going back to the glory days. That will require Article 8 compliance. A rate of 1460 is not Article 8, nor is 1190 or even 1166...They'll need the similar notes, as they had back in the glory days. Thus, they are said to be showing them the old notes in videos lately and still on going. ...The new digital system will require them to have new currency and one they can monitor efficiently and transparently.  They have not destroyed 000s notes and reduced the supply of them as well, and...printed new notes to not change the exchange rate to get them on a level playing field like back in the glory days...Iraq has way to much value for them not to not raise the value of the Dinar...Things look very good...imo...

      *** Mnt Goat *** ...Do not give up on this. It is coming as my CBI contact says; they are preparing the final stages of the executing the project to delete the zeros. Then they plan to then monitor for inflation and if this part of the revaluation is successful then they will move back to FOREX (reinstate) and then we go to the bank... Everything is being lined up for either very late December or early January. I am VERY excited..!

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