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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Rumor has it...OKIE has landed. Update coming.


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Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...

Greetings, ships at sea & all our worldwide friends.

OKIE to do a update, today.   MarkZ excited.

Treat as a rumor.  Not verified.  Your opine.



MZ: Today we are expecting an extra special call in from the legend himself, OKIE!

Member: Wolverine says its happening right now.

MZ: I don’t know who that is but the chatter has been phenomenal.

MZ: There is lots of anticipation for this weekend. I have had more calls from some bond folks based out of Europe. They have been told they will have free access to money at the very first of the week. Possibly Monday.  I am excited.


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20 minutes ago, Luigi1 said:


OOM has been flying on an empty fuel tank, on fumes only, for at least 15 years.



🤣🤣 🤣   If he is only flyin' on fumes, and he has been flyin' like that for 15 years.......I DON'T even want to know what kind of fumes they are!   😮 🤦‍♀️ :bs:  🤣 🤣 

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As promised...OOM makes a cameo appearance...



10-15-2021   Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man:  

I owe so much to so many for all their prayers.  I believe those prayers are literally keeping me alive.  I just passed my 80th birthday & I thank the good lord for giving me enough years to see us all in the position we are in right now...  I am expecting great things to happen rather suddenly.  I have been in this since 2003 and...I am expecting it rather soon...

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4 hours ago, moose 57 said:

Is oakie the original "soon man "? Can't remember, sorry. 


3 hours ago, TinBadge said:

Wow! Brings back memories 🤣


3 hours ago, pokerplayer said:


Nightmares ?




39 minutes ago, moose 57 said:

Or was it ships have landed? He is the one who got me excited about this investment, Adam kept me grounded!

Great comments! 🤣👍

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Okie still got some Sm Okie!! at 80 good for him 

his ships are still sailing. Not sure about at sea maybe his bathtub

may be it's that Hopium keeping him going. 

Gotta be cuz the BS would have killed him a long time ago.

Treat it as entertainment and you gotta smile.

God Bless ya SmOkie!! Keep your boat afloat 

Time to pull into port. Ahoy land HO!!

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