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Putin: There is no need to rush to recognize the Taliban. They cannot give up drugs!

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Putin: There is no need to rush to recognize the Taliban. They cannot give up drugs!

people - Baghdad  

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that there is no rush to officially recognize the Taliban.  




"We understand that we need to interact with them (the Taliban), but we should not rush," the Russian president added during the meeting of heads of the CIS countries.  

Putin also made it clear that it would be difficult for the "Taliban" to give up a source of income such as drug smuggling.  

Putin said that there are 2,000 ISIS fighters in northern Afghanistan, and their leaders plan to influence other countries and regions in Russia.  

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Putin isn't all that the US left and their parrot/puppet MSM make him out to be....


He is even able to have a thought process....something that seems difficult for old Joe..


Those 2000 ISIS fighters if they might be future trouble for Russia.... will soon be eradicated...


Another unrelated prediction.....Iran and Israel will have a go at it very will be pretty major.....    CL

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