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Trump Rally & The RV.


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Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...

Trump rally & AZ audit will be the signal to RV.

Treat as a rumor.  Not verified.  Your opine.



9-25-2021   Intel Guru Bruce   [via WiserNow]  There is a contract that is tied to the bond holders and Wells Fargo which is the lead bank – for these exchanges -  that allows for notifications for tier 4B – that’s us - tier 4B to go out once those bond holders have been paid out - we are being told that we should receive our notifications and of course our 800 #’s  which is part of the notification - emails that are coming from Wells Fargo – all of that is supposed to come out “to us” BEFORE the rally starts on Saturday [a political rally that President Trump will be attending down in Georgia]...The understanding is – I am going to say that when that happens that we will set our appointments – for Saturday and Sunday – and start with those appointments on Monday morning...

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59 minutes ago, larryk43 said:

that another site will announce the RV before Adam?



heard of a pay site

29.99 per month

he has all the intell



I can vouch 

this guy sounds legit


mail your funds to me


I mean davisabbbala

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1 hour ago, Half Crazy Runner said:

That’s as far as I read … how can anyone, after all these years, still believe this “tier” nonsense???!!!  

There’s a few who believe it they watch cnn they believe Biden got over 80 million votes and he won the election and they think America is a racist country 

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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi fund these articles of Dinarian interests...
      With impeachment out of the way...will Trump now use the RV to his re-election advantage?
      Guru claims CBI reduced the note count enough to RV at or near .53 cents to USD.
      CBI is ready, waiting on Trump to make the next move.
      Teat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine.
      2-8-2020   Newshound Guru Jeff   ...Trump actually picked the year that he wanted this to happen.  Obviously Iraq had to have a combination of stability too but Trump most likely wanted this timed for the rate change to be timed with his 2020 campaign theme of a strong economy...all we're waiting on here is a specific calendar day. [Sunday March 22, 2020].  Iraq does appear to be walking possibly when Kuwait did there's...everything is looking good.

      2-8-2020   Newshound Guru Breitling  ...what Iraq needs from their budget - how much they make and how much they need - they talk about getting to a billion notes to get to $1.17 and up.  At a minimum they need about .53 cents.  That's based on their information.  Even though I'm speculating that's the best math I can come up with based on what they need.  They need about .53 cents.  That does not mean that's what they will come out at...
      2-9-2020   Newshound/Intel Guru Francis Albert  [...bottom line Iraq can make monitary changes when ever they want I believe it is and has been a security issue holding them back.]  It feels that way to me also... I "believe" (no proof or secret sources), that the CBI has been ready to do something significant. (not sure what this will be), but something, and as things cool down and the Iran 's influence decreases...something will happen.
    • By Luigi1
      12/26/2018  TNT:
      Daguire:  President Trump and first lady Melania Trump makes surprise visit to US troops in iraq...
      Smitty76:  He could be there obviously to visit the troops but to give his approval of the new government.
      Briona: He would not go there without a good reason, so I am expecting good results from it.
      Derosgirl:  Why Trump in Iraq?(of all places during the holidays) Seems something big is to happen or he would just sent some dignitaries over there!! IMO.
      DTyler:  Could also be just this simple of "Thank you" to the Troops for their work..............and Iraq for making Christmas an official holiday. Then of course, revisit timed withdrawal of troops and BASE visits..............we hope it is for what we are waiting on, but who knows.
      Eccle519:  Regardless what we think, Trump is an economic mind wanting economic results for the US. You know Mahdi and the bigs will be there to greet. Talking points will definitely be Isis, Forming the GOI and Economic reform...Trump knows Iraq is a cash cow!! Two birds with one stone...see troops and squash the can they keep kicking! Imo.
    • By Luigi1
      this latest just in...
      The exchanges has already started @ $4 per IQD.
      Thousands of Tier 4(that's us) have already been paid.
      Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine.
      24 July 2018  Bruce The Goose:
      The IMF has been giving Iraq funds/loans for months now. They been giving them money. Finally yesterday at 9am in the morning, President Trump made a call to the IMF and told them not to do any more loans or funds to Iraq.
      They need to get off the side and go ahead and RV their currency officially not just in Iraq, not just on their Qi cards. Go ahead and do it so that it is put out an announcement with the rate and then they will not need IMF funds anymore. There is more to it.
      However, the IMF is holding an amount for Iraq over $5Billion dollars that is gaining interest in the $4 million plus range a day range now, but they are not going to get it until after they revalue or announce the revaluation.In the same way President Macron from France is holding there $129 Billion dollars going to Iraq that they will not give them any until two hours after they announce their RV. I am sure there are other countries as well.
      Bruce: What else has been going on? Isn’t it interesting that last Saturday over 15,000 customers of banks in the United States in 73 cities were contacted to come in and do exchanges for the Iraqi dinar. Wow! Last Saturday. Now many too the banks on it? 6,000 people exchanged just under $4 in the United States in 73 cities. What is significant about this is it is not a buy back rate. It is not going to be the rate we are going to see on the front screen, but it was a rate that was given to these people.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi says...Don't shoot the messenger.
      Could Bruce The Goose & Judy Lyington be one & the same? Just asking.
      They both claim Trump-UST just ordered the release the funds.
      Rollout starts from East to West. What ever happened to Moose Jaw?
      Treat this as a rumor. Not varified. Your opine.
      Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 18 2018 with Judy Lyington & Bruce...
      1. Iraqi PM Abadi put out the new Dinar rate today May 17.
      2. The Iraqi ATMs were turned on with the lower denominations in them and people were being paid at the new rate (which was over $4.00 USD).
      3. Iraq has an ordered blackout on info until late tonight or tomorrow morning May 18.
      4. The GCR has begun in Hong Kong and Dubai and continued to roll out.
      5. HSBC and Wells Fargo were on high alert to begin.
      6. Tier 1&2 completed yesterday morning early May 16.
      7. Yesterday May 16 Tier 3 got started, people were being paid out, were moving through at a fast clip and would be paid out within the next few days.
      8. Tier 4 may not have to wait for the Tier 3 to finish.
      9. Early this morning May 17 a new protocol for software was put out to beat the bad guys from stealing funds.
      10. Last night May 17 at 1:01am a software update was put into effect to secure our funds.
      11. We have the official go ahead from Trump and US Treasury for the GCR.

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