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Annoying emails

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To whom it may concern. I've been receiving a multitude of spam emails from Yoda. This needs to stop now and remove my name -CODE777- From his followers. Can't do it from my end. Thank you for your cooperation 

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I'm sorry that you're receiving Spam emails but I do not know why you are posting here on DV about it. The only Yoda in our membership list has not been on this site since 12/18/2010.


He does not have any "followers".  If you post a copy of the email we might be able to determine who the sender is and help.


I did notice that you are following yota691 according to your profile.


If you are referring to emails you are receiving regarding posts by yota691, then you will have to be the one to change that in your profile settings.


Let me know if this solves the issue.




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Also you have the ability to BLOCK all spam emails from your provider. 


And as Texas Granny says, if you're referring to Master Yota here I can assure you that I know him personally. Believe me when I say he doesn't have the time to send any spam emails to anyone. And he's DEFINITELY NOT that kind of person.  

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