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Monday Evening Opinions @ 7:15 PM CDT - 7/05/2021


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. :twothumbs:RON 


*** MilitiaMan Article: "Parliamentary Economy: Two steps will prevent the theft of about 4 billion dollars annually in IraqQuote: "among those proposals is the automation of outlets through a unified electronic system, as well as working to change the mechanisms used by the authority, because it facilitates the work of the corrupt and continues to steal public money."  There you have the two steps needed to support the value of the currency. Imo The border revenues  activated electronically with the mechanism (new exchange rate, new currency issued.) will do it.  ...The key is about to unlock the door to internationalism! ...imo It is going to be a powerful week ahead! The signs are and have been heavenly lately...



*** Ray  The CBI and VISA have commercials to explain to the Iraqi citizens how to use the new digital currency system to make payments instead of cash, supposedly to make for a better global economy.

*** Pimpy  2016 - half a decade ago. That's when they were originally going to make the rate change (actually it was to originally happen in 2010, then again in 2013 but Obummer didn't sign the Status of Forces Agreement which opened the door for ISIS to gain a stronghold under Maliki's blunders ... RON...You can't hand out the lower denominations at the current rate of exchange - why is that They hold no value.  None whatsoever.  They'd be worthless. The only way you could start using these lower denomination is you do what Yes, increase the value of the Iraqi dinar so that the lower denominations have value.  They were about to do it and then the doo-doo hit the fan.  We know ISIS came in there and ruined our plans.  If they got close enough one time before I'm pretty sure they can get there again...




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