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BREAKING: Iraq To Go Digital Today.


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RVmydinar you are spot on! I think they are full of hot air like they were the end of last year with all of the hype. The bombing of the Iranian facility has my attention because Iran has a large influence in Iraq. The US made a big mistake when they put Maliki in office as PM after the invasion because nothing has happened since then. Here we are 18 years later waiting to see if Al-khdemi will get things done or is he playing both sides of the fence. I know one thing for sure, the world is starting to gradually not depend on oil and switching to green energy electric cars etc. My point is, Iraq will have to diversify their economy because they can’t continue to depend on oil as their main source of income or continue to borrow money. I think this is all talk and they will have to be compelled to diversify and RV. The question is how much longer will this clown show go on....

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