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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!


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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found his article of Dinarian interests...
      A new Guru in town says it's a go.
      Treat as a rumor.  Not varafied.  Your opine.
      Mark Garrett:
      After 3:00 PM  today.  RV is made official worldwide & all countries & all banks stayed on line & it no longer has a reverse.    Zurich & Asia starts tomorrow, Wednesday, when it opens. 
      The Whales already know the great holders of the Bonds & Assets.   Thursday: US & Miami.  Friday: Columbia, Brazil & Mexico virtual global change.   All set & ready.  There are hours until the doors are open to this.  Be patient.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests...
      Treat as rumors.  Not varafied.  Your opine.
      Saturday Night “The Green Lantern”
      this just in:   Washington DC indicated that release is on Monday US time which is Tuesday PST or Beijing time ,Oct 26,2021 .
      Article: “19 Iraqi Banks rated by international agencies”  On the surface this sounds like insignificant news.  However let me explain.   You will be dancing after you understand this… Quote: “19 licensed banks in Iraq have been rated by accredited international rating agencies – Capital Intelligence, Fitch, Moody’s, Standards and Poors, – the bank [CBI] said…it is a sign of their compliance with domestic and international standards…” 
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...
      Dr. Ben Carson is optimistic this is our week.
      Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine.
      Fleming Reort:
      Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources saying that the whole RV release process IS STILL MOVING FORWARD TO CONCLUSION THIS COMING WEEK--even though the release schedule is about 3 days behind because of cabal obstructions last week (explanation below)—
      The release process is STILL MOVING FORWARD TOWARD T4B START at a STEADY PACE, so that THIS COMING WEEK is supposed to be a REMARKABLE WEEK FOR ALL OF US in T4B (starting roughly parallel to the main bonds going liquid (start getting paid out) currently planned for this Tue 27 April and at the same time that T3-4A accounts go liquid and payouts begin):
      SUDDEN CHANGE FOR GOOD THIS WEEKEND #1: He said that the FINAL NATURE of the REMARKABLE WEEK of T4B finally starting THIS NEXT WEEK was predicted one year ago by a friend of Dr. Ben Carson (Trump's HUD director), Bo Polny, a Gold Market Analyst, who said one year ago that Friday 23 April 2021 through Mon 26 April 2021 would be a "SUDDEN" and PIVOTAL point of HUGE CHANGE: "April 23-26 will be a pivotal moment in time….a 'SUDDEN' moment where everything changes and our world never looks the same." ( ).
      SUDDEN CHANGE FOR GOOD THIS WEEKEND #2: He added that other indicators of HUGE PIVOTING CHANGE this VERY WEEKEND is also found in other sources, e.g., Doug Addison Sat 24 April Daily Prophetic Word ( 😞 “What seemed impossible in the past will SUDDENLY become reality.”
      Dr. Ben Carson:   We Are One Week Away From Our “Suddenly” Moment! -
    • By Luigi1
      25 Oct 2016  Bruce...
      Bruce:  What is interesting we know currency appear on Forex and other sites amateur type sites you can look at rates. Today the rates we are looking for the new currency rates are on the Forex but not visible for us in the United States, but visible other where. Bruce:  The UN operational rates coming up again to take in effect November 1. At the end of the month they adjust then are visible on the first of the next month. The Forex is visible around the world but not here in the United States. The John Q public should start at the same time around November 2.
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