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Wednesday Night Opinion @ 11:13 PM CDT - 6/16/2021


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. :twothumbs:RON 



*** Pimpy *** Article: "The dollar exchange rates fell in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region"  What does this mean?  Remember I always told you guys, think about the direction the dinar is going in.  That's how you know if it's good or bad.  It says the dollar exchange rates fall in Baghdad (And in Kurdistan ).  That's a good thing when the dollar exchange rate, not the dinar, fall...that's what you want to see happen...the number of dinars you get for the U.S. dollar you want that to go down.  The lower it goes the better it is for those holding onto don't want it to go up, you want it to go down.  If the numbers go up, it means it's being devalued...




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  • yota691 changed the title to Wednesday Night Opinion @ 11:13 PM CDT - 6/16/2021

Thanks Ron - You're much appreciated!!!

We may though, see it continue to go in the wrong direction for collection purposes? Waiting for that sweet spot...... Hope it doesn't get too much more bitter.


Take care.


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    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      ** Frank26  You can't spring the monetary reform on the citizens, it would fail...they're making it very clear to the Iraqi citizens that the CBI and Kazemi are changing the exchange rate and changing the currency because the 3 zero notes will not work with the new exchange rate...the international community knows and that's why it's pouring into Iraq.  They know that a change is coming from both of these issues - their currency and their exchange rate. explaining to the citizens the how's, the why's, the when's, the where's and soon the date of all of this.  It's not a secret.  

      ** Footforward  Article: "Joint Statement from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the State Bank of Vietnam" Article quote: "The SBV is also making ongoing efforts to further modernize and make more transparent its monetary policy and exchange rate framework. In support of these efforts, the SBV will continue to improve exchange rate flexibility over time, allowing the Vietnamese dong to move in line with the stage of development of the financial and foreign exchange markets and with economic fundamentals, while maintaining macroeconomic and financial market stability."  Translation...we want you to revalue your currency now.

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      ** Frank26  I see people calling me about bonds.  Bonds?  What' about bonds?   'Yeah, well you know they're doing them and that means that it's going to happen.'  What's going go happen?  What does bonds have to do with the Iraqi dinar monetary reform?  ...I'm not making fun of anybody have to be careful where you get your information.  Some guy called me and say, 'Hey Frank the pay masters just approved the monetary reform.'  Pay masters?  Of what?!?  'Frank, the GCR is on.'  The What?!?!  'Frank, they just signed an NDA.'  What?!?!  What does a Nondisclosure agreement have to do with any of this?? I'm not trying to make fun of anybody...

      ** Pimpy   Article: "Al-Kazemi's advisor:  There is no change in the dollar exchange rate"  Still talking about the rate change.  Why?  If you're saying this rate change is not going to happen this year why do you continue to talk about it?  That doesn't make no sense.  If you're trying to tell us the rate change is supposed to stay the same for the next 3 to 5 years then why are you talking about it?  ...obviously it's being talked about between the powers that be.  And it's being talked about a lot, to the point that this guy has to keep coming out and saying that it is not happening.  So we will see..!

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      ** Breitling   Question: "Can they revalue the currency and protect their economy and price for the next ten years by the end of the year?" Absolutely they can.  They could have done it this summer.  It's on the edge.  They are not working on anything else.  This is the answer to all of their problems...

      ** Mnt Goat  Article: "AL-KAZEMI’S ADVISOR: THERE ARE 3 REASONS THAT PREVENT THE DOLLAR’S EXCHANGE RATE FROM CHANGING “CURRENTLY"  They are considering only the exchange rate as a program rate solely pegged to the US dollar and not as an IMF basket of global currencies and reinstated back on FOREX when traders come to buy. All these arguments do not take into consideration major reforms in their currency and only dwell on short term solutions staying within the use of the currency auctions and program rate. So of course leaving the dinar in this situation why would you revalue it against the dollar? It does not make any sense to do it. But this is NOT what must happen and NOT what is going to happen.

      ** Pimpy  For those of you who keep looking to some of these gurus who say they have the inside track: There are NO 800#s.  You're not going to get an email.  The only email you'll get is that somebody that's within your group gets the announcement when it actually really happens and they send an email out to everybody saying, 'Hey it's happening!' But you're not special. You're not going to get any kind of special email.  There's no 800 numbers for you to call as a matter of fact, go away from those people who say that. The reason is I don't feel comfortable with somebody saying, 'hey call this 800#!'...they steal your dinar and they take it...and you'll NEVER see it again..! Don't be fooled...they are charlatans..!

      ** Frank26  The global currency reset is a bunch of garbage as it is explained on the internet.  There is a 'reset' occurring and it does deal with currency but I certainly wouldn't call it a global currency reset.  I like QSF much better.  The Iraqi dinar is heavily involved in this.  'Do you think it's involved at at 1450-60 program rate?  Of course not...
      Keep looking UP...!  RON 
    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      ** Frank26  Article Quote:  'the importance of deleting the zeros from the currency and slimming its units...'  the interpretation of these articles suck...'the importance of deleting zeros', in other words adding value to the currency of's important right now.  It is to introduce new small category notes...they don't have 3 zeros.  They are 'slimmer'...

      ** Breitling   One of the things [I hear] that's kind of funny is that 'Iraq is so corrupt that's why this isn't getting done.'  That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  If Iraq was so corrupt they would have revalued the currency and made as much money off of it as they could even though it would have probably crashed.  They would have gotten in and out.  That's corruption.  Keeping the currency where it's at and using the US dollar is discipline.  They actually did good.  It's coming..!

      ** Pimpy  If you go along and you start doing the increments - increasing the value of the dinar against the US dollar. They were talking about exchanging out [the higher denominations notes].  In other words they're going to take away the 25,000 and 50,000 dinars as they came in [to the Iraqi banks] but they would exchange it for equal other words if I brought in 25,000 dinars they might give me 5 - 5000 dinars so I still have my 25000 dinars and that would be how they get rid of the higher denominations...I could see that happening...

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      *** Pimpy  In order for the lower denomination to be's not possible unless something happens.  And what is that something?  They would have to change the exchange rate...the lower denominations like the 5's, 10's, 25's, 100's and 500's and 1000's - the only reason why they are not being used is because they have no why would you use them unless you plan on chaining the exchange rate...

      *** Jeff   Yesterday Iraq puts out at least two articles talking about deleting the zeros...this could really go one of two directions.  They could either remove zeros from the notes from the notes or remove the zeros off the exchange rate.  No matter what they're gonna tell you what they're gonna do.  It's not a secret...Iraq is clearly telling you they're taking 3 zeros off the notes...I'm not making this's in print... quote:  'denominations of 200 dinars (equivalent to 200 thousand dinars in the currency currency).'  That is removing zeros from the notes...

      *** Frank26  Article:  "A deputy develops solutions to treat and reduce the damage of the economic crisis"  I'm calling this the mother of all article...this guy is saying there is a solution...and that solution is going to reduce the damage of our economic crisis.  You're talking about the monetary reform... Quote:  'International products are in the period of changing the exchange rate inside the country.'  ...the border taxations, the new exchange rate, the new small category notes - all of that is going international's changing the exchange rate inside of our country [Iraq]...this is the mother of all articles.  It can't be any more blatant, any more obvious and it's from the right people...

      *** Petra  The need for new small category notes will be controlled IMO.  It's not going to be a huge amount to come out because they're driving everybody to digital commerce which is where the world is going with those CBDC's and all those other programs that are coming out from the BIS and many other entities.

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