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Mask Worms - 3 minutes

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I've never been one to boycott something simply because to be true to myself I would probably have to boycott everything. However, the Chinese government and its soulless leaders give evil a whole new meaning. Even God wouldn't let The Apostle Paul go to Asia. And now we have this fake pandemic complete with microbial invested mask from China being played on the whole world with the full help of the Democratic Communist party and their Luciferian followers. For the safety of my family I will never allow anything made in China in my home again. 

And this is not the first time China has attacked America. 


Mattel Recalling More Chinese-Made Toys Over Lead Paint


China is the greatest threat to this world since Hitler. But they are an even greater threat than Hitler because China thinks in terms of 100 years. And they understand mind control better than anyone. 

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Thanks @bigwave. This is super gross!! I haven't used those disposable masks for over nine months now and only use fabric masks that I wash. And I've thankfully never had one of those swabs near me for any reason.  Hopefully people get the word and keep this China garbage away from themselves. Super gross!!

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