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No news? Is that a good sign? Might be. We'll see.


“The dog that didn’t bark” is an expression from a famous Sherlock Holmes mystery called Silver Blaze. The non-barking dog was a crucial clue that led to solving the case. It seems that the murderer-thief entered and exited the estate grounds without the guard dog barking.


See the source image

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32 minutes ago, Rochester said:

Never read The Sliver Blaze. Any Sherlock fans out there?


Been a long time ago But wasn't the Reason the Dog didn't Bark was the the Dog Knew the Bad guy or the Bad Guy was the Dogs Owner.....That was a lot of books ago.



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It's been about 2 weeks on this thread. The dog still has not barked. No news on the Oil Law? I don't follow all threads. Anyone know? Dogs usually bark once in a while. 🐶


One week till Ramadan....

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