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Russia is on the list ... Iraq reveals understandings with 3 countries to accelerate construction of nuclear reactors

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Russia is on the list ... Iraq reveals understandings with 3 countries to accelerate construction of nuclear reactors

Russia is on the list ... Iraq reveals understandings with 3 countries to accelerate construction of nuclear reactors
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Mubasher: The Iraqi Authority for the Control of Radioactive Sources in Iraq announced that it had reached understandings with 3 countries to accelerate the construction of nuclear reactors.

Kamal Hussein Latif, head of the Iraqi Authority, told the Iraqi News Agency, "INA," today, Thursday, that the governmental committee on building nuclear reactors for research purposes has held several initial meetings to study the stage data and the approved foundations for the construction of the reactors in accordance with the guidelines of the International Energy Agency.

Latif said that these meetings accompanied two visits to the Russian embassy and the meeting with the Russian ambassador and the consultant of "Rosatom" company. 

He added that it was agreed to draft a memorandum of understanding that included many items that would contribute to expediting the construction of the reactors, indicating that there is another meeting with officials in the French embassy to talk about Iraq’s need and need for electro-nuclear reactors.

Latif stressed that Iraq is also looking forward to joint cooperation with France and the European Union in general to enhance Iraq's nuclear capabilities in the field of peaceful applications, pointing out that the French side is eager to work with Iraq in the field of the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

 He continued, that Iraq expects France to obtain full approvals so that I can know the details of cooperation, as it will be in accordance with the terms of a memorandum of understanding that also includes support and assistance to Iraq in the field of medical use as well as for energy production.

He continued, that Iraq also requested a meeting with the relevant officials on the American side, as this is being carried out by an authorized and high-level delegation from the committee and other government agencies.

In response to a question about the reasons for not activating the Atomic Energy Authority Law No. 24 of 2016, Latif replied: "I do not know the reason that prevents the government from activating the law of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Authority."

He expected that the reason would be that the authority is still linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the ministry's situation is now unclear.

Latif stated that the current stage is the stage of understandings and finding common ground with the partners, and it precedes the bidding stage, explaining that there is a program that will be presented to the government regarding the amounts involved in building nuclear reactors, and if approved, it will be announced to the media.

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By all means spend billions for nuclear power. Sun and wind are wildly abundant and these types energy facilities would cost a fraction of the nuclear cost, would have no deadly consequences, and would takes a few years rather than a decade to build. Is this a Russia Chernobyl joke or an Iranian ploy to keep making money supplying Iraq with necessary electricity?

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