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Thursday Night Opinions @ 9:20 PM CDT - 4/01/2021


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3 hours ago, Karsten said:

Really and on what the hell Planet do you Live On ...Ford moved a Plant Back to the US, Steel Mills Re Opened, Coal Mines Re Opened, Drill Baby Drill and America was done with OPEC Oil, Gas was Cheaper than it was ever for the Previous 8 years Under obama. As for the rest of Your Dribble Trump was doing all he could with the Most Opposition the Left and the Lame Stream Media could Put Out there......Two...Count them Two Lame Attempts to Impeach a President for Nothing, No Factual Proof....In Fact the 1st Fake Evidence started the Year Before Trump even came out and Announced he was Running....The Flippin Russians Did It. (I am Surprised that didn't Start an International Conflict). Then the BS Capitol Deal set up days in advance by the Left and don't try blowing smoke up my ass about some Lame Qannon Shammen.....He is an Antifa Member and BLM Supporter and Pedo as well.

Done with your BS....You have been Blocked and now reside with the rest of your Lame Stream Leftist Commie Pals that seem to Hate Any and All Things American.

I will never know why Your Ilk are Tolerated here

Boom, Done.



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