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I got 2 warning come?

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I got 2 warnings at least , maybe 3. One in my early days on DV , In my opinion I was defending a fellow poster who had a different opinion on some posting, and was get ridden hard by this other DV-er . I did not like the tone of his postings. We ended up getting into it virtually . I used language that was outlawed, language that did not reflect my faith in God; thats what hurts me the most. I was unable to post for some time, a month or so , until someone gave me ... umm ... something like 3 or 6 green upvotes . The 2nd time , I discovered that I could still post my reaction icons and may have accidently given my self the required amount of upvotes. This is how I learned about the rules anyway . Who ever reads all the instructions that come with the gizmo you ordered. I am a grown man , I don't need no stinking directions . Well it turns out I do need them. We all need them , if only to get back on track if we prove human and veer off the path a bit .  That said: To the Mods: When you look at that guys posts , Prehistoricman is referring to, say in his Thursday afternoon opinion 04/08/21  he posts *** Mnt Goat  blah blah post

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