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Monday Morning Opinions @ 10:40 AM CDT - 3/22/2021


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. :twothumbs:RON



*** Sheila *** Article: "Al-Saffar: Political disputes have delayed approving the budget My opinion is the budget is done - everything is done. All these articles are just theater... pushing for time until they get the "good to go".


*** Pimpy *** There is a political block...that is refusing to vote They're boycotting unless the rate change is in there  [The 2021 budget].  But what they're demanding is it be restored to...1190 for one dollar.  Some people thought that meant they would go back to the old rate.  I would love it if they did that.  Could they still do that Yes.  They might.  But there is no indication that they will.  Would they announce it No.   When Kuwait did their the news they told everybody that it wasn't gonna happen for a while, then they turned around they did it the next day or the day after.  Anything is possible but first and foremost we definitely got to make sure...what's going on in Erbil/Baghdad get their things ironed out so we can get this budget they're postponing the vote for one week...




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23 hours ago, ronscarpa said:

*** Sheila *** My opinion is the budget is done - everything is done. All these articles are just theater... pushing for time until they get the "good to go".

I like your opinion. I hope your opinion is right. Hopefully, we will see the new rv rate on the 27.

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1 hour ago, Artitech said:

Window 🪟 for an RV is closing fast! What a damn shame! This just makes me sick to my stomach! According to news reports from various Iraqi politicians, the rate is not in the budget anyway! Adam is correct, No HCL,  no RV ! That simple! 🤮JMHO 

According to reports though...the hcl is in these latest laws along with the budget to be done Saturday no?

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