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Looks like the weekend chat is not working out!


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He just posted less than 10 minutes ago. You know it is his site and he doesn’t have to post anything at all because Yota constantly brings the news. I would say be patient and stop complaining. If you depend on one man to give you the info you need from Iraq you probably shouldn’t be in this investment. Do your homework, read what Yota brings and if Adam posts, it is just and added extra! Geeeeez! 

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43 minutes ago, Priscilla said:

😕Looks like the weekend chat isn’t working out!


Adam could be busy so I’ll give you a weekend chat. 
Things are still on schedule an looking great. The price of oil (and gas prices) continue to go up which is great for all of us. 
According to the news articles the HCL is still in the works as is the 2021 budget. They continue to give dates on the vote but keep pushing it out. These two laws should happen pretty close to one another is our belief. 
In the meantime go over to the VIP section an check out the crypto section where a lot of folks are making some good returns. If you’re not in VIP, you should be. 

Until next weekend...GO RV


PS...Don’t forget to get into our weekly lottery. 
PSS...Just a reminder that once the RV occurs the VIP door will be closed. 

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Adam will do his updates when he has something to tell us.   They may or may not be on the weekend, they may or may not be weekly.   We are all just glad when we get info from him. 


Locking this thread - Adam has posted a chat.   

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