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US Secretary of the Treasury: It is worthwhile to study the Federal Reserve issuing a digital currency in dollars

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US Secretary of the Treasury: It is worthwhile to study the Federal Reserve issuing a digital currency in dollars
The US Department of the Treasury

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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said it would be beneficial for the Federal Reserve to consider issuing a digital currency in dollars, according to a breaking news broadcast by Al Arabiya a short while ago.

The US Treasury Department said that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen discussed, in a phone call, Saudi Finance Minister Muhammad Al-Jadaan issues including dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic .

In a statement, the Treasury said that Yellen "emphasized the need to address the daunting challenges of ending the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting the recovery of the global economy, combating income inequality, and aggressively addressing the threat of climate change ."

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Good morning Yota, Thanks for bringing that over... The U.S better get on the stick or Chyna is going to eat our lunch, actually our dollars are already digitalized..and the items Yellen "Emphasized the need to address" are a joke... she also wants to increase our Taxes by 1/3... :facepalm2:

Not crazy about the U.S. losing its status as reserve currency but the FED and the politicians have ruined our economy and our money system... nothing new really but we're in for a rough ride imo!


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