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I saw a video some time ago where a man was sucked into the turbine of a fighter jet. Happens so fast that the poor guy didn't know what hit him. 


So when I saw the above picture I immediately knew it was fake. Now when you post a real picture of 1109 along side the fake it's amazing the lengths they will go to lie to us. CLEARLY the first picture is a fake but more importantly it's an inflatable. Think of the cost alone. 


So this begs the question, why?

And that proves our government is behind it. Because only our government is so out of touch with reality as to believe such a story line could create any response from the American people. 


The Afghan people deserve the government they have, just as the American people do. 20 years we tried to teach them how to fight evil and the VERY FIRST chance they get they ran. And the millions of civilians do NOTHING against the thousands of Satanic terrorists. Sorry but I'm not impressed and see no reason to be interested. 

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