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I wish to expound on this subject because of the events that have happened this week.    It's one thing to listen to podcasters and their speculations of where things are going. One can lear

Looking to hijack a great thread?.....go back to the political thread....!   CL

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While we're on the subject of inflation I thought I'd give you all a personal experience that I had today. Most of you know that I'm a trucker and that I drive locally for a cement company. As drivers we were always paid .25 cents for every pallet that we brought back from our customers. It wasn't much but sometimes, if you got enough pallets, it would be a small chunk of change. However, this week things have changed. Because  of the ridiculously growing high price of lumber they have now raised the payment to drivers for pallets to $1.00 each. And that could easily make an extra $100 to $150 a week. That's upwards of $7,800 a year increase in pay. While this may sound GREAT, I'm here to tell you it is anything but. As goods and commodities continue to soar in value so must the price of paying for your employees. If a company isn't willing to raise employee wages then the employee cannot afford to buy groceries or pay their bills and they will find somewhere else to work. In essence a giant corporation will be forced to chase the inflation or go bankrupt. This is called, Hyperinflation, and it's is happening now. 


I just delivered a load of cement to Menards and I was literally BLOWN AWAY when I saw the amount of lumber that was on the yard. Remember, I've been delivering to this store for years and I've NEVER ONCE seen that much lumber. Something tells me that Menards is expecting the price of lumber to go even higher. 


So I was talking with my Boss this evening about these things and she informed me that she's been working at this company for 37 yrs. And that in April we have always been so busy that it has always been necessary to use outside carriers for our longer runs because of the amount of freight. She told me that for the first time in 37 yrs we have not shipped one load via an outside carrier. 

This is because construction is beginning to slow down. 


So that when you put all these things together, the picture that is painted is not good. I'm here to tell you that the only people coming through this on top are those who have bought Silver and Gold. Remember, I get nothing for this, I do this because I don't wanna see anyone suffer as bad as some people are going to suffer. If you read my words, please prepare for what is coming. 

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Follow the money 



Watch "Mints are running out of gold; not enough physical silver to cover paper– former U.S. Mint Director" on YouTube


(Kitco News) - A global shortage of physical gold and silver products has created a premium on coins and bars, and this premium is causing a disconnect between the spot price and the "true" price that retail investors need to pay, said Ed Moy, former director of the U.S. Mint.

Moy, who was the director of the U.S. Mint between 2006 and 2011, cites the inability of the mints around the world to keep up with physical coin and bar demand as a reason for this shortage.

"Not only the U.S. Mint, but other Mints around the world, Australia's Perth Mint, the Mexican Mint, have all run out of gold, they can't keep it in spot and there's so many shortages retailers are having problems accessing that gold," Moy told Michelle Makori, Kitco's editor-in-chief.

Premiums on these physical gold and silver products can run as high as 20% in some places, Moy said.

"If you go to any of the top retailers for gold bullion and take a look at what they're charging for an ounce American Eagle gold bullion coin, even though the spot price right now is $1,775 give or take, you're hard pressed to find a ounce gold coin for anything less than $2,000, and I've seen it as high as $2,100," he said.

One of the main reasons for why the spot prices have not caught up to gold and silver's premium-adjusted price is that the overall markets are flooded with bullion derivatives, Moy said, but it's only a matter of time before the short contracts keeping the price down expire.

"What's artificially depressing the price of gold now is that there's a lot of institutional investors that don't hold gold. What they hold is they buy gold derivatives, like futures...and a lot of them are betting that the economy's going to recover and that everything's going to be fine and gold's going to go down," he said. "As those short contracts come up, what you're seeing is a popping in price".


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In the above video the former Director of the U.S.Mint seemingly gaffes off the "Silver Squeeze"  because of the size of the market cap in Silver. Yet earlier in the interview he clearly admitted that the Derivatives are highly over leveraged. 

So as of today the market cap is said to be around 1.4 trillion dollars. To be sure that would require an enormous amount of currency to even slightly affect the markets. However, it's estimated that there's upwards of 1000 contracts for EVERY OUNCE of Silver. 


The actual metals cap is No were near 1 trillion. 




Silver's Market Cap

Estimated Market Cap: $1.419 T

The Market Capitalization of Silver is currently arround $1.419 T.

This value was obtained by multiplying the current silver price ($25.96 per once) with the amount of silver that is estimated to have been mined so far.

The amount of Silver that is estimated to have been mined is 1,700,000 metric tonnes. Note those values are approximations and that.

Note also that a large quantity of silver has been lost/destroyed due to industrial applications.





I wonder why 


"estimating the Market Cap of silver is more complicated than for Gold"


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Let this sink in for a while. John Adams was just given a court order demanding that he, "SHUT UP" his commentary about Silver. The man's job is literally to just talk about precious metals, nothing else. And they have gone as far as basically threatening him with jail if he violates the court order and refuses to be silenced. 






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The more I follow the "financials" the more I realize how much control over everything we see they have. And when reality hits this entire thing will SNAP and BLOW like the Hindenburg. 



Last Updated: May 4, 2021 at 3:02 a.m. EDTDelayed quote



U.S. 10 Year Treasury

RT Quote | Exchange
Yield | 3:12 AM EDT

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2021 5:16 p.m. EDT


 -185.51 -0.54%



Live Silver Price 

May 04, 2021 03:15 NY Time
US Dollar
High: 26.91Low: 26.67
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