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We Have A New RV Rate From The 2021 Budget...$1.45.


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Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...

From the throat of The Goat.

Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.





Oh yeah, the budget has a new rate in it… It’s the new de-valued rate of 1450…Okay having said this they can still delete the zero making the rate $1.45 dinar to $1.00 dollar (inside Iraq). This could happen suddenly after they pass the budget. I doubt it will but let’s explore it…the strategy of reducing the value of the dinar has cut their deficit in half. But what will happen to it when and if they raise the value of the dinar to $1.45? It will explode but can they handle this with proposed loans from the IMF? Time will tell what they do.

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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests...
      The RV will be at or near 1 to 1. 
      The new costs per barrel of oil confirms the rate.
      Treat as rumors.  Not Verified.  Your opine.
      9-14-2021   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan:   
      [Kazemi]...what did he do?  He showed them the money.  How did he show the money?  He told you... we're going to value our oil in dinar at 45 dinar to a barrel.  It's basic.  It's that simple.  He did it...Who did he do it with?  He did it with the King [of Saudi Arabia], who is the head of what?  One of the head honchos of OPEC...this is really powerful stuff.  It's effectively going to be a global situation.  It's not going to be just about Iraq anymore...all boats rise with the tide and here we are...

      9-14-2021   Newshound/Intel Guru Petra: 
       What happened last week with the oil money. Everybody know about the Petrodollar [Oil based on the US dollar]...they announced they had calculated the oil revenue in dinars.  That was huge.  That is an indication that they had de-pegged from the U.S. dollar.  The fact that they calculated the very very exciting.  I think that's a major major move last week.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests...
      It looks like Iraq has a new RV rate.
      Confirmed but rate change will not be made public just yet.
      New estimated change $3.31 or higher.
      Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine.
      Militia Man:
      Prospects for Financial Development and Existing Challenges"   Quote:  "...the issuance of the new currency, which resulted in** raising the price of the Iraqi dinar and making it get out of the prison in which he lived during the era of the previous regime, and his purchasing power improved rapidly, with financial and economic measures taken." And that "the Iraqi dinar, after 18 years, has become stronger than many currencies of neighboring countries, and others, regionally and globally, with the availability of a monetary block that is good compared to the Current circumstances..."   Let that start to sink in... The issuance of a new currency...One where they raised the price of the IQD... But be sure, imo...they are telling us what has been done and in my opinion to be exposed...imo!
      Intel Guru MarkZ:   
      [via PDK]   [Is this our lucky day?]   I sure hope it’s our lucky day. There is a lot going on. Was the budget in the Gazette Saturday…. NO.  There was an announcement that the budget was passed in the Gazette on Saturday with commentary…but nothing official.  There were articles this weekend from Iraq that referred to the RV of the Dinar in “past tense”... This is important. They refer to the dinar as “The strongest Currency in the Region”…Kuwait has been the strongest currency in the region recently at a rate of about $3.31 to the USD.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...
      We will know the new IQD rate this Saturday.
      Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.
      From the Dynamic dual, the "A" Team...Judy Lyington & Bruce The Goose...
      Judy Note: According to our Military Intel Contact Bond payouts began on Mon. 8 March. On Tues. 9 March all liquidity was released, while from Wed. 10 March ZIM and other bond redemptions were being paid out – that would continue through Sun. 14 March.
      The Military Intel Contact said Tier 4B notification would take place by Sat. 13 March.
      Bruce reported that his info pointed to a Mon. 15 March notification and Tues. 16 March start for Tier 4B. We would have 15 days to do exchanges and redemption until Wed. 31 March. The Tier 5 general public would receive the new international rates on Thurs. 1 April.
      Also on Thurs. 1 April the debt jubilee NESARA / GESARA debt repayment packages would begin paying off all past federal debt classes in the US, internationally and in multiple countries.
      Thurs. 11 March 2021 The Big Call, BruceThe Goose: 
      Sat. 13 March new Iraqi Dinar rate would be made known
      Sun. night 14 March at 9pm EST the QFS would be fully integrated so as to be traded internationally and pegged to the USN – the first roots of NESARA.
      Mon. 15 March United States Treasury Note (USTN) the new currency of the US would be released – same date as direct deposit of Stimulus check.
      1. They asked that we take no more than $500 in USTN at the time of our exchanges.
      2. This all pointed to a Mon. 15 March notification and Tues. 16 March start for Tier 4B.
      3. Notification to bond sellers released Mon. 15 March night – Tues. morning 16 March.
      4. 300 Prosperity packages would be delivered after sunset tonight Thurs. 11 March.
      5. Notifications likely to be Mon. afternoon 15 March to Tues. morning 16 March.
      6. We would have 15 days to do redemption, to be completed by March 31 so that Tier 5 general public could receive the new international rates on Thurs. 1 April.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests...
      MilitiaMan believes the new rate will come out at $1.44.
      Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine.
      1-26-2021   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan:    
      there was an article that came out  [In December]...that said Baghdad was forced to devalue their the IMF. By devaluing the currency to 1146...If you delete the zeros off the exchange rate you get 1.46.  Today's SDR is $1.44...they're within pennies of each other...that's why they were forced to devalue!  IMO They needed to be inline with the IMF...I have a strong feeling being forced to devalue and get in sync with the SDR is telling us they are at the final stage to lift the value...

      1-26-2021   Intel Guru MarkZ   [via PDK]  
      [RV in March/April?  Your opinion?]   I don’t think we will make it until March. I don’t think that is a possibility. The implosion is sooner. They have created a monster and the spiral is picking up speed exponentially.

      1-26-2021   Newshound/Intel Guru Petra:  
       ...a week ago Saturday I think they realized the clock was ticking down and they had to get that budget done.  IOO the budget is done and we're just waiting on the rate.  Now all the outside pieces are coming together with regard to international activities...and all the efforts to make Iraq come out of the gate absolutely running a million miles and hour...

      1-26-2021   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan:  
      ...We see...that the Kurds showed up today in respect to their share of the 2021 budget. They are also talking about they have six months of back pay coming to them. We have heard they were in agreement on taxation on salaries too, and not just with the kurds in mind. Taxation on salaries will be applied country wide. Hence, the agreements made will be sorted through the new value added... Remember they talked about value added taxes...Well not at 1460 they won't. But, when RI hits and they have value added they will. It is all in the plan in my view...
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found this rumor of Dinarian interests...
      Let's hope The Goose is right this time.
      He claims the Budget was read three times & is in Gazette.
      If true, Iraqi citizens would see & know the new rate.
      Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.
      Judy Lyington & Bruce The Goose:
      Iraq had read their Budget.
      They did read the Budget three times.
      They did that. Our understanding. It was read three times & would appear in their Gazette.
      We did not get confirmed it made it into the Gazette. May had made it into the Gazette & be held back.
      So we didn't see it. If we did see it...we would see the actual value of the Iraqi Dinar.
      And that is something they held back from us for quit a while.
      They are operating on different rates on Qi cards for Iraqi citizens & dual citizens & so on.
      Bottom looks like the Budget was passed.
      It looks like they have a new rate.
      It was supposed to go up this past Sunday to be traded internationally.
      I can't tell you it absolutely happened but it was supposed to.
      We also heard China no longer accepts Fiat currencies especially the USD.
      Our new Dollar or USN, our asset backed Dollar is supposed to had been traded on FOREX between banks as of last Sunday night about 9:00 PM.
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