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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Absolute Proof with Mike Lindell - SAT 9AM & 4PM CENTRAL - SUN 12 PM & 8PM CENTRAL

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10 hours ago, Markinsa said:


Mike Lindell has a preview of the documentary he will be releasing tomorrow that makes the clear case showing massive fraud in the 2020 presidential vote tally. Watch At:




Thanks Markinsa.  Great video.  Mike Lindell has such a great testimony and look at the way God is using him.  Imagine that!

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1 hour ago, Markinsa said:


He's got big ones fully knowing what the other side will do...

We can keyboard bash others all day but a better idea is to do something, anything and we can and let the chips fall.

I've sent it out, even on the "Coconut Telegraph".

Thanks for sharing this and your other works.



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Mike Lindell has spent over 1 Million Dollars of his own money gathering, verifying, and organizing all the facts related to the 2020 national election.

He has expert testimony from several sources, including U.S. military warfare cyberwar intelligence officials who occupied top level positions, statistical analysists, and other ground breaking cyber experts, including  V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, you might not know the name, but you may have benefited from his work. Aside from holding four computer scientist related PhD's from MIT, he's the guy who invented email.

Then to realize he is but one of the many experts going on record, to hear and see the proof from cyber companies that began independent investigations BEFORE the election, who are employed by the US government to provide data analysis and cyber protection to the most crucial military and intelligence facets charged with protecting America, AND WERE READY BEFORE THE ELECTION TO SPOT AND COLLECT THE DATA in real time on election day proving collusion and data interference by foreign countries should open the eyes of all but the corrupted individual who knowingly participated the the coup against America.  

The qualifications of the individuals are nothing short of impressive, that these people are willing to put their entire life's work and reputations on-the-line and on the record is nothing short of inspiring.

This video has been banned by almost all video formats.

If this doesn't open your eyes and motivate you to action, then nothing ever will.

We are deep in a fight for the very survival of America.

Make no mistake, if the fraud is not addressed, we will never have a fair election again.

America as we knew it will fall, and we will become just another communist country.

Republican or Democrat, Independent or Green Party, it doesn't matter.

If you love America, if you believe in the American Dream, if you cherish your voice through your vote, or if you want your children, grandchildren to have an opportunity to live in peace and prosperity and enjoy the fruits of their labor, then please, click the link.




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Well said divemaster.  I totally agree.  I've see the video, shocking the take over of America and the censorship that is going on, on top of that a pandemic and civil unrest-a shaking particularly in the USA.  Never in my life could I have imagined such a thing. 400 years ago the founding father's gave birth to our nation by entering into a Covenant with God, similar to the Covenant used by Israel (the only two countries in the world to do so), and this is why America is unique to God.  God is not shocked as we all are.  Many of us have prayed for the USA in a way we have never done before-God hears us. I still have hope, more information is coming to light, what is done in the dark will be brought to light.  I believe God is not "done" with the USA, we've prayed and going by the numbers that President Trump won by, there are many on this side-praying to God, the side for life, freedom, and justice. Pray more and don't stop! More is coming, the Supreme Court will review court cases sometime this month

This along with Mike Lindell's video warrants an audit of the election and for this to not just shoved away as nonsense.  Share this video, let people know! The Left is already unraveling themselves by admitting how they pushed voters towards Biden and away from President Trump in that Time magazine article

And then of course we have the numerous Prophets that prophesied President Trump would serve two terms. There is still hope, pray more! Pray for Mike Lindell and his safety, pray justice prevails in the Supreme court, there is still hope!  




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