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Thursday Night Opinions @ 11:40 PM CST - 12/24/2020

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Good Evening DV, here's a few opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. :twothumbs:RON



Jeff  ...1460...that's the Central Bank of Iraq's website showing the value of the Iraq dinar against the dollar...Forex shows the value of the dinar against the dollar at took Forex 3 days to update and show the real true value of the Iraqi dinar.  3 days.  My point is this.  When the rate does should only reference the Central Bank of Iraq's website for the rate change.  It's the only one that will show it instantly and accurately at the moment it changes... 
Adam Montana  I've stated multiple times that I expect Iraq to release "bad" news before they RV.  Just this last weekend, it was announced that the rate would be changing to 1450... and yes, that is the wrong way.  Unless it's not. Someone, please, ask me how much I'm freaking out about this "news"?  Ask me how disgruntled I am about the situation.  Ask me if I agree that this is the end, Iraq has given up, we wasted our time here.  Anyone... anyone?  I'm not surprised, not even a little bit, and quite frankly... I'm even more excited about the prospect of a near future RV. Taken from another site that follows Adam & posts snippets from his posts. See hid full chat at: Adam Montana Weekly CHRISTMAS EDITION 23 December 2020 
Pimpy   There's a lot of activity once again in the news regarding the Iraqi dinar.  Some very interesting things.  Some very curious things...we've got an idea of what they're doing but what is the real playArticle: "Mass demonstrations in front of the Financial Ministry building in Baghdad to condemn the devaluation of the dinar". We knew this was coming.  

Frank26  This devaluation goes against what the IMF said.  The IMF said very clearly that the CBI would add value to their currency before the end of this fiscal year.  You've got two weeks.  How long do you think they're going to keep this rate like that?  ...the CBI is very overzealous to make a point to the citizens of Iraq - bring your dog gone dinars in!  Your mattress dinars.  

Jeff    CBI's website...1460 dinar equals 1 U.S. dollar...This was planned by design.  Here's the two reasons: 1. squeeze more of the 3 zero notes out of the citizens... 2. ...a lot of the dinar actually does go to corruption - into Iran.  By them devaluing the dinar it reduces its spread and it puts a huge financial impact on Iran...they had this planned...everything is looking amazing...
Bruce  ..we do know – the Iraqi Dinar rate did change...I know there are Iraqi Americans in this country – that have brand new bank cards – with one computer chip in it...We know that there is a very good rate inherent in those new cards – and the rate is very very close – a little below – but not much – a little below what Dr Shabibbi said that the Iraqi Dinar could support...that statement he made all the way back at the National Chamber of Commerce meeting in Washington DC – and I believe that was in 2012...So 8 years ago the head of the Central Bank of Iraq at the time – made a claim on what the value of the Iraqi dinar rate could sustain – in US dollars – the rate that is on the cards right now is just about there...:drunk:

Frank26   1450 is not a fake rate.  Forex doesn't care what they put on their site.  They're not responsible for you...They're not responsible to educate you on what the true rate is.

Jeff  Article:  "The Iraqi Council of Ministers approves the 2021 Budget"  They told you it'll take approximately 45 days for parliament to approve it and they told you it won't be approved until February.  Everything's right on track.  Their fiscal year starts April 1st that's why the budget won't be done until February sometime.  Everything is right on track - moving in the right direction...
:tiphat:Thats all for today folks. Have a Joyous & Blessed Christmas ... RON
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