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Two vaccine expert videos from well known scientists... truly some eye opening info

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My thought on this whole vaccine issue that is now in the forefront of our lives has allowed me to think several different ways about this. 

I'm not going to be in the first tier, or second or maybe even the third tier of people that will be allowed to take this vaccine.   Being that as it is, I figured if a 100 million people had the vaccine ahead of me and they're dropping off like flies, I wouldn't be making an appointment with my Dr. to get one.  I'm still undecided at this point.

These two videos are certainly worth watching..  do your research on your own as well.

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Another thing to consider is the immunity built by contracting COVID-19 last approximately three (3) months.


This suggests:

  1. COVID-19 is a fairly rapidly mutating virus (or protein structure).
  2. Vaccinations are for PAST mutations NOT current mutations of COVID-19 AND, therefore, are ENTIRELY useless AND counterproductive.
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22 hours ago, HeyJonesy said:

These two videos are certainly worth watching.. 

I'll watch a little later but while we are on the subject check it out:

Moderna says its vaccine provides COVID-19 immunity for at least three months

December 4, 2020 

Moderna vaccine

Thirty-four healthy adults who received two doses of Moderna’s vaccine candidate, mRNA-1273, were shown to have antibodies for 90 days, according to new findings published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine.


In other words - get stuck every 3 months or so and show your records to the "authorities".LOLOL

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I have never been a fan of just blindly accepting the word of the govt or a supposed healthcare agency that  immunizations is good across the board. Couple years ago a relative got a flue shot and nearly died. Turned out the immunization was for a prior year - different strain of the flu - so wouldn't have helped at all. Nearly died with no possible benefit anyway. 


Basically you can't trust the govt to have your best interest at heart. Just try to become knowledgeable of agendas they have. When Bill Gates and family go on air and get a verified shot - I will be a tad more likely to reconsider - to a degree.


Might read this link to DR Mercola - he I believe completely honest and accurate in all of his research and writings. He has written extensively on covid - the biggest hoax ever foisted on the population.


COVID-19 Vaccination May Be Difficult to Avoid (



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