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Weekend Update: The Village People on Donald Trump Using Their Music

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Just goes to continually show how manipulative and skewed your post always are. 

Trump is NOT using the village people, his supporters are. Which is why the village people can't stop it. If Trump were using them himself They could legally stop it in short order. But because it is not something that Trump is initiating then the village people have no recourse what so ever. 

Sucks to be you 

Image result for lmao images

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1 hour ago, jaman said:

I must have missed something........when did SNL start being funny again??? still butt hurt about the DON

you'll have 4 more year to get the stick out of your a-s


Come on if they did the exact same thing for someone else you would think it's funny... I bet even the president laughed at this... Lighten up and enjoy a laugh... You've got a few days before you start crying foul....

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