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After election

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How many times does it have to be said... The CBI is a private bank, they will do whatever they please... Remember Bush was going to pay for the war... Didn't happen. Obama was going to save the econo

you are such a muppet… tell me Einstein if Hillarious was going to win by a landslide when they rigged the elections and made up the steele dossier and Russian collusion and still couldn't win wh

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2 hours ago, Floridian said:


From the World Economic Forum:

(We've seen this before.  It pertains to the video Chuck posted above.)


Thanks Floridian for posting this.People need to get off CNN, MSNBC, and for that fact all public TV. It is a propaganda machine. Even FOX and NPR are way off the main path.  

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58 minutes ago, ChuckFinley said:

Thanks Floridian for posting this.People need to get off CNN, MSNBC, and for that fact all public TV. It is a propaganda machine. Even FOX and NPR are way off the main path.  

This is true. I actually watch them all. Clicking back and fourth. It’s actually kind of amusing! Kind of like a soap opera!! You can’t make your decision off of REAL news because there is no REAL news. It’s fake and full of as Chuck said propaganda. There is no REAL truth being posted about either candidate. They both lie and cheat. You just have to figure out which lying ass cheater you like best!!! 😂

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41 minutes ago, Fred70 said:

Weather you are a bible believer or not the mark of the beast is coming, you must take this mark so you can buy and sell otherwise its government  (NWO) internment camps that await.

Fred70, it is coming and it is hard to site here and watch us walk right into it. I have not watch American TV and TV in general since 2008. To be honest I do not miss it. I got home last night from working out about 9:30 (2130) and turned on the TV and no matter what channel I put it was like an Anti-Trump rally. They were calling states then changing their minds. I was thinking that this is a large cry from when I used to watch news as a kid. Well, the end result was I turned it off and moved on. 


I find it really disturbing that people are like sheep heading to slather. If you watched any of the DAVOS,IMF,WB, WHO, and CDC reports you we see clearly that those who wish a Large One World Gov, with a Single Currency are really pushing for full control. I guess it is like this investment, some see the value and others see it as a scam. 


I belong to groups that do investments and I have a thread in the VIP section. I placed this in both my thread and in the Crypto section. Ii is really an eye opener and this is about Crypto but the guy has done some really good investigation as it pertains to the Crypto XRP.


He does not call it "Mark of the Beast" but there are members in the Canadian Gov that were trying to get the word out. But camps are being built and under Obama there were 800 FEMA camps constructed to "Help Us Out". 



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