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Dr Shabibi Talks With GOI About White Papers & Float Of The Dinar.

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Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...

Exclusively From the throat of the goat...

Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.



Mnt Goat: 

 Parliament & the CBI...they talked about the White Papers. Our friend Dr Shabibi was present & gave a speech about floating the Dinar. That is they are actively & seriously putting the Dinar on a float. This is all good news to us.

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here's another article to back up the above...



Article: Indicators of the USD war against the Dinar. The latest foreign currency reserve is a good number. This looks like an announcement to some type of a rate change.

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7 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

Mnt Goat: 

 they are actively & seriously putting the Dinar on a float.

Sorry Weegie - But That Goat Don’t Float ! :o 



In Spite Of All Of Ur Big Time Name Dropping With Pimpy And Shabbi ...

:D  :D  :D 

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On 10/21/2020 at 9:11 AM, King Bean said:










Thats's extremely creative - and the palm looks real.


Well done!


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    • By Luigi1
      03 Nov 2016  Bruce... Intel our rates are going up. They may have plateaued but other area gone up a little bit. Those tranches that Dr Shabibi, and his people are in Washington DC to make sure that everything goes according to plan from our side of it. Also they are here to see that a very large tranch of funds get set out to Iraq that went out today this afternoon.  

      He was able to witness that. There are things being done all around the world in preparation for the announcements that were made today and will be aired tomorrow to take place.
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