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Iraq signs 3 notes with France ... including the construction of the Baghdad Sky Train

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Paris brings back the dream of the funicular to Baghdad
The project, if implemented, will reduce the traffic congestion problem in the Iraqi capital
Moayad al-Tarfi, an Iraqi reporter 
Saturday 24 October 2020 1:21

The idea of the funicular in Baghdad emerged at the end of 2010 without being implemented (Getty Images)

The traffic congestion in the Iraqi capital Baghdad for years, with the increase in its population, which, according to government estimates, reached 8 million, while more than two million cars were traveling on its streets, made movement in it during peak times an impossible thing, which needs to be done. Hours to reach from one area to another within a distance not exceeding 10 to 15 kilometers. This problem, with the escalating transportation chaos caused by the overcrowding, made the Iraqi government and the Baghdad Council move about a decade ago through a series of project proposals, finally reaching the idea of establishing a suspended train in the capital that reduces the traffic momentum, especially in the eastern and central regions of the capital.

Although the idea was launched at the end of 2010, and the dissolved Baghdad Provincial Council moved at the time to find an agreement with French companies, all the visits made by delegations from the French company "Alstom" since 2012 did not reach an agreement, due to red tape and the lack of interest of many Officials in the Baghdad Municipality and government agencies, with this project, as well as not providing funds for it. Therefore, the project was just statements that did not take their way into reality seriously, except during the current week.

The visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to Paris, turned the project from the wishes and dreams of many Baghdadi people into a reality that can be implemented, even after years. The visit witnessed the signing of a memorandum of goodwill between the Iraqi Minister of Transport and his French counterpart regarding the construction of the suspended train in the capital, Baghdad, to turn into the most important economic file between the two countries.

Borrowing the master of work 

The Iraqi Minister of Transport, Nasser Al-Shibli, explained that the financing of the project will be through borrowing, at a cost of $ 2.5 billion, indicating that it will create 6 thousand job opportunities.

Al-Shibli added, in a statement to the official Al-Iraqiya channel during his stay in Berlin, that "the ministry was able, during the visit to Paris, to sign the initial agreement for the suspended train project with the alliance of (Alstom) and (Japanese Hyundai)".

The implementation of the project may take five years, according to Al-Shibli's expectations, who indicated that the suspended line will pass in a number of areas of the capital, and it will be based at the main railway station in Baghdad.

Cadre training

In turn, a member of the Parliamentary Services Committee, Jasim Al-Bakhati, explained that the agreement on the project came after the Ministry of Planning approved its inclusion in the projects of the 2020 and 2021 budgets.

Al-Bukhati added to "The Independent Arabia", "The project will be managed by the two companies for the purpose of training for a specific period of Iraqi cadres, and then it will be delivered to the Iraqi government."

 Corruption and militias may hamper implementation

Economic analyst Saleh Al-Hamash excludes the implementation of the Baghdad train in light of political conflict, rampant administrative corruption and militias.

read more

Plans to develop Baghdad International Airport through specialized companies
Al-Hamash added that the train should be in crowded areas of population and ministerial centers, and to link east Baghdad with its west, and north and south.

Al-Hamash talks about the necessity for the ticket price to be cheap to achieve economic feasibility. As for if the aim of the train "is to show the civilized shape of Baghdad, then it will only lead to a drain on money and the reluctance of people to use it."

According to specialists, the train takes 23 minutes between its starting point until it reaches the last station, to cross some areas of Karkh and the densely populated northeast of Baghdad, reducing congestion and achieving speed of arrival.

The beginning of future lines

A former member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, Muhammad al-Rubaie, who was a member of the suspension train committee, points out that the current route represents a first stage for other steps that will serve the western, southern and central regions of Baghdad.

Al-Rubaie added, "The funicular starts its route from the international station in the Alawi area and ends in the Al-Shaab area, with a length of 21 kilometers, and it will be equipped with air conditioning systems to suit the hot Iraqi climate."

Baghdad Sky Train Track (Iraqi Ministry of Transport)
Baghdad Sky Train Track (Iraqi Ministry of Transport)

Al-Rubaie asserts that "the train tracks in Baghdad have been defined by a British company since 1977, and divided into three stages, one of which is the current stage that will be implemented based on the joint contract between (Alstom) and (Hyundai)."

Al-Rubaie believes that the train project will be implemented with high transparency, and will encourage other international companies to invest in Iraq, after its success.

A joint company will be formed to manage the funicular, according to Al-Rubaie, who explained that its employees will participate in administrative and technical courses organized by the French "Alstom".





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10 thousand job opportunities in the Baghdad Suspension Train Project

Baghdad: Morning
The Ministry of Transport suggested that the suspended train project in Baghdad, if completed, would absorb ten thousand job opportunities.
 The administrative agent of the ministry, Salman Al-Bahadli, said on the sidelines of an expanded meeting of the technical ministerial committee in charge of selecting a consultant for the project, according to a statement: "The committee has laid down the basic details for choosing a consultant for the suspension train project that will be implemented in the center of the capital, Baghdad." He added, "The project will provide a great service to the people of the capital, as it will provide 10,000 job opportunities."
 For youth ”,.
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Transportation invites 5 international companies to choose the consulting company for the suspended train project

  •  Time: 10/27/2020 13:51:23
  •  Read: 2,184 times
Transportation invites 5 international companies to choose the consulting company for the suspended train project
{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Transport invited, on Tuesday, 5 specialized international companies to choose the consulting company for the suspended train project.

A statement by the ministry stated, "The Administrative Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Salman Saddam Al-Bahadli, chaired today, Tuesday, an expanded meeting of the Technical Ministerial Committee in charge of selecting a consultant for the suspension train project, in the presence of a number of general directors of the concerned ministry's formations, the project manager and members from Baghdad governorate."
Al-Bahadli said, "The committee has sent invitations to five sober companies specialized in the field of consulting in order to identify one of this company working to provide advice on the suspended train project, which the believer is expected to complete in the center of the capital, Baghdad."
He added, "The companies that were invited are (the Turkish Yavi Markazi Company, the Lebanese Khatib and Alami Company, the Lebanese Dar Company, the Lebanese Engineering House Company, the French company Certi Gap), stressing that" the choice of the consulting company will be within a period not exceeding (15) One day, due to the ministry officials ’intention to shorten the time in completing the suspended train project.
And the agent added, "The meeting witnessed a discussion of the issue of conflicts facing the suspension train route, as there are many main water transmission lines as well as sewage water transmission lines as well as communication lines that intercept the train line that passes through most of the main areas in the center of the capital, Baghdad," adding that " Official letters have been directed to the concerned departments in an urgent manner to complete the project requirements and address this problem.
The Ministry of Transport and stayed 23 minutes held in the month of August with the Ministry of Planning to refer the implementation of the Baghdad train project commentator from the Baghdad Provincial Council to the Iraqi Ministry of Transport as the owner sectoral jurisdiction. "
Ali al - Rubaieالنقل-تدعو-5-شركات-عالمية-لاختيار-الشركة-الاستشارية-لمشروع-القطار-المعلق

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Transportation invites five international specialized companies to choose the consultancy company for the suspended train project

 3 hours ago

Presided over the agent administrative Ministry of Transport Salman Saddam Bahadli , Tuesday , a meeting of an expanded Committee ministerial technical in charge of the selection of a consultant for the project train commentator in the presence of a number of directors general of the formations of the ministry concerned and the director of the project and members of the province of Baghdad . 

Al- Bahadli said in a statement that "the committee has sent invitations to five sober companies specialized in the field of consulting , to identify one of this company that works to provide advice on the suspended train project, which the believer is expected to complete in the center of the capital, Baghdad ."

He added that " companies that were invited are ( the company Aaپa central Turkish , company Khatib & Alami Lebanese , company Dar Lebanese , company Dar Engineering Lebanese , the company my resume ڤar گab French) . He emphasized that choosing the consulting company would be within a period not exceeding ( 15 ) days so intend Ministry officials cut back the time in completing the suspended train project .

He went on the agent that " the meeting included discussion of the subject of conflicts that facing the path of the train commentator where he said there are many of the lines of the transfer of the water main , as well as lines of the transfer of water exchange health as well as the lines of communication that object line train which passes in most areas , the main center of the capital Baghdad, adding ; Done Guide books official to the departments concerned are urgently to complete the requirements of the project and address this problem . "

Mentioned that the Ministry of Transport and stayed Minutes held in   23 of the month of August with the Ministry of Planning to refer the implementation of the project train Baghdad commentator from the Council of the province of Baghdad to the Ministry of Transport of Iraq as the owner of jurisdiction sector .النقل-تدعو-خمس-شركات-عالمية-متخصصة-لاخ/

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On 10/24/2020 at 11:36 PM, horsesoldier said:

This appears very much like the Monorail at Disney Land in Anaheim, Ca. Not being a wise guy; its very reliable and quite capable of standing up to California earthquakes.

Unsure how it will stand up to a suicide bomber; hopefully that day will never come.


10 thousand job opportunities in the Baghdad Suspension Train Project

Hmm... I am a Disney World Annual pass holder, and I think that IS a photo of the Disney monorail! 😄 

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40 minutes ago, Half Crazy Runner said:

Hmm... I am a Disney World Annual pass holder, and I think that IS a photo of the Disney monorail! 😄 

Only been to Anaheim Disney park, however your probably right.


The French lifting another great idea from that downright mean capitalist Republic, the USA. 

Im 1/2 French, I can say that about the French 😂 AND we bailed them outta 2 World Wars - take that you Frenchies. No coffee this morning, boy am I cranky.

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